Causes of the Civil War

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Causes of the Civil War by Mind Map: Causes of the Civil War

1. Slavery

2. Slavery was brought to the Colonies

2.1. Georgia banned slavery for a short amount of time

3. Revolution

3.1. first concerted protests arose: against the continued importation of slaves and then against slavery itself

4. northern states started to pass emancipation laws

4.1. south was more committed to slavery

4.2. north was not

5. Missouri Compromise

6. growing disagreement about slavery

7. Nat Turner’s Rebellion

7.1. virginia: rolled back few rights blacks had

8. The Wilmot Proviso

9. Mexican-American War

10. Compromise of 1850

10.1. Strengthened the Fugitive Slave Act

11. The Liberator began to print

11.1. made more people abolitionists

12. collapse of Whig Party

12.1. led to rise of Republican Party

13. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

13.1. Northerners: eyes have been opened to horrors of slavery

13.2. Southerners: Stowe’s book was slanderous

14. Brought issue of slavery to those who remained neutral

15. Transcontinental railroad

16. Kansas-Nebraska Act

16.1. Slavery became dividing factor that could not be ignored

17. Kansas and Nebraska were both above the line, but they became slave states

18. Bleeding Kansas

19. Lecompton Constition

20. Dred Scott v. Sanford

20.1. Polarization intensified

21. abolitionist movement

22. rising tensions between North and South

23. lincoln becomes president

24. southern states start to seceed

25. disagreement about state's rights

26. economical differences

27. immigrants from Europe going to North

28. civil war

29. 3/5ths Compromise