Causes of the Russian Revolution

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Causes of the Russian Revolution by Mind Map: Causes of the Russian Revolution

1. Autocratic rule of Tsars:

1.1. Nicholas II was an abasolute monarch, he governed with the suport of the nobility, the Orthodox Church, the army and bureaucracy.

1.2. Also the political freedom and individual rights were not recognised and the police persecuted the Tsar's opponents.

2. Conditions of peasants

2.1. The relations between the nobility and the peasants on their estates were still feudal in character. Tools wre very rudimentary and productivity was very low.

3. Status of industries

3.1. Industrial development was promoted by foreing investment and the state.

4. Conditions of workers in the industries

4.1. Workers worked more hours than the allowed.

4.2. Woman workers were also paid less than men.

4.3. Some workers formed associations to help members in times of unemployment and financial hardships.

5. Formation of socialist parties

5.1. They believed that peasants were the true revolution force, Alexander Kerensky was its main leader.

6. War with Japan

6.1. Russia's defeat, which came at a time of economic crisis, led to angry rioting, and eventually the Revolution of 1905.