Pricing Information

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Pricing Information by Mind Map: Pricing Information

1. cost

1.1. First-copy cost

1.1.1. Costly to produce the first copy.

1.2. Reproduce cost

1.2.1. Reproduce information good is easy and cost little.

2. competiton

2.1. Differentiate your product

2.1.1. Add value to raw information, distinguishing yourself from competitors.

2.2. Achieve cost leadership

2.2.1. Achieve cost leadership through economics of scale and scope.

3. market

3.1. Dominant Firm Model

3.1.1. Because of its size and scale economies it enjoys a cost advantage over its smaller rivals.

3.2. Differentiated product Model

3.2.1. Some firms producing the same "kind" of information, but with many different varieties.

4. Personalize

4.1. Personalize your product

4.1.1. Easier to do conduct than in other medias, add extra value to the information

4.2. Personalize your price

5. First-mover advantages

5.1. Don't be greedy

5.1.1. It is easy to access similar information, low price it you easier face the threat of entry.

5.2. Play tough

5.2.1. Build reputation and price advance in the market.

6. Promotion

6.1. Price sensitive

6.1.1. For example student discount, discount can prompt price sensitive consumers.

6.2. Prompt the users

6.2.1. Promotions to estimate price sensitivity, makes market research easy.

7. Group Pricing

7.1. Network effect

7.1.1. People will depend on a product if everyone use it, like Facebook.

7.2. Lock-in

7.2.1. People have to accept a product because their organization has accepted it.