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ICTU by Mind Map: ICTU

1. Mohsin

1.1. Completed

1.1.1. Demo for UNDP yemen on Travel Planner

1.1.2. Prezi Purchase Renewal

1.1.3. WASP cloud software and scanner purchased

1.1.4. Travel Planner Platform launched

1.1.5. New ICTU Home Page

1.1.6. UN Partners Knowledge Base

1.1.7. Managers Calendar

1.1.8. Meeting Room booking

1.1.9. Memo Veeam

1.1.10. IAM User form functional role bug

1.1.11. Fix Travel Planner bugs

1.1.12. SLA 2019 invoices

1.2. OnGoing

1.2.1. Adobe Cloud Licenses

1.2.2. Fix closed project in atlas

1.2.3. Fix money charged to UNEP for training

1.2.4. Move costs to DT for Clickup/Viima

1.2.5. Workplan feature upgrade in SharePoint

1.2.6. ICTU Monthly newsletter

1.2.7. Renew MSDN Licenses

1.2.8. Selenium UNDP visit

1.3. Planned

1.3.1. Volunteer self-onboarding, successful assignment, learning and exit #14

1.3.2. End user laptop backup in place #35

1.3.3. Hub site/Global navigation

1.3.4. Azure AD IAM with Philipp

1.3.5. Self service 'how to host a volunteer' package #15

1.3.6. DT - Cloud-based Business productivity solutions in SharePoint Online #18

1.4. Reccuring

1.4.1. DT - Identity and Access Management (IAM) improvements #17

1.4.2. SharePoint online support

1.4.3. Mantis technical lead

1.4.4. Procurement Mandrill monitoring

1.4.5. O365 License Management

1.4.6. SLA Cost recovery Management

1.5. Cancelled

1.5.1. SLA report USD

2. Islam

2.1. OnGoing

2.1.1. Improve Backup solution for Haus Castajen #27

2.1.2. VMware upgrade in Langer Eugen and Haus Castajen #25

2.1.3. Fast Storage accelerator for the Corporate application #26

2.1.4. additional monitors

2.1.5. Mantis tool upgrade #38

2.1.6. CSU Email addresses and RC/RR delink

2.1.7. End user / office hardware upgrade #30

2.1.8. Additional Laptops #35

2.1.9. Old monitor auction

2.1.10. HoA meeting support

2.2. Completed

2.2.1. Upgrade UNV Firewall #24

2.2.2. RR event

2.2.3. HLCM event

2.2.4. DFN for HC paid

2.2.5. Publish

2.2.6. Monitor/screens deployment

2.2.7. New P2 Recruitment/Induction

2.2.8. Licenses renewal #29

2.2.9. Office365 licenses #33

2.2.10. Asset software tracking system in place #37

2.2.11. GIT Repository restoration

2.2.12. PHP 7 VMAM

2.2.13. Disposing zero asset value

2.2.14. Wasp Configuration/deployment

2.3. SLA

2.3.1. OnGoing WIFI cost recovery with CSU SDG signing UPL Delivery of local ICT services to other UN entities in Bonn #34

2.3.2. Completed 6Th floor WLAN for SDG (new client)

2.4. Cancelled

2.4.1. Replace underperforming HyperV virtualization solution with VMWare #28

2.5. Reccuring

2.5.1. Global IT helpdesk #31

2.5.2. Teleconferencing setup #32

3. Procurement

3.1. Ongoing

3.1.1. SalesForce prof services using UNICEF LTA with Acumen

3.1.2. SalesForce licenses

3.1.3. UVP TOR Carlo Hamid

3.1.4. Adobe Cloud

3.1.5. eZest LTA with ITC-ILO

3.1.6. SalesForce and Azure LTA with Local partner

3.1.7. UNHCR LTA with Datamatics

3.1.8. Drupal Cloud Hosting using UNFPA LTA with Pantheon

3.1.9. IAM Professional services

3.1.10. Trigyn LTA

3.1.11. Chatbot licenses

3.2. Completed

3.2.1. 1-2 days Team building

3.2.2. Micro purchasing BI services 45h

4. Fred

4.1. Cancelled

4.1.1. DT - Install UNDP DC in UNV #21

4.2. OnGoing

4.2.1. Fix BI process

4.2.2. Mid year review ICTU

4.2.3. Call Yazan Diwen Anna on Exec snapshots

4.2.4. Unit review

4.2.5. IAM Report incl RO list with Daniil

4.2.6. Clickup Launch and SSO

4.2.7. PowerShell Luis

4.2.8. UNDP OIMT Jira Collaboration

4.2.9. Selenium Olivier Mission

4.2.10. DT - Enabling and supporting activities #11 #12

4.2.11. Operationalize business changes for corporate initiatives (outside DT scope) #13

4.2.12. Gavino chat

4.3. Recurring

4.3.1. Atlas CCB Add Olga to improve UNV business impact on CCB

4.3.2. CSU meetings

4.3.3. Operationalize business changes for corporate initiatives (outside DT scope) #13

4.3.4. Management/MS/Unit/Team/Infra/DT/VSS meetings

4.4. Completed

4.4.1. Positions HR report

4.4.2. DT Newsletter

4.4.3. Management List of applications, releases, LTAs, softwares Mandatory trainings Mission with OIMT in Copenhagen Recruitment of 2 P3s ICTU 2019 Workplan PMDs completed Shift BI PM role to ExO Learning Plan Procurement Plan Managers retreat ICTU 2019 Budget 500k Key Contact List in SPO

4.4.4. DT TOR ITC-ILO eZest Demo on productivity tools Outlook translation plugin Clickup Viima MindMeister Prezi Meeting with UNDP Email Services on leveraging UNDP directory Recruitment of consultant Martina UNICC Contract for Integrations and BI Meeting UNDP spacialist on chatbots implementation Partnerships with UN Agencies on SalesForce (UNWomen, UNHCR, WFP) UNICC to manage UNV Azure instance DT Technical meeting with decision on SalesForce

4.4.5. T&E Travel

4.4.6. Technical DocuSign list users Migrate ICTU from SPO to Teams BI Reports (Procurement, breakeven, programme finance, Executive Snapshots, O365 account overview, O365 sync report, Releases, Mantis, SSIS logs)

4.4.7. IAM view with all roles

4.4.8. Budget vs expenditures report

4.4.9. FreshSales Evaluation

4.4.10. DT technical meetings to validate SalesForce

4.4.11. SP 2013 updates

4.4.12. Bio Berlin

4.4.13. Project Plan DT

4.5. Planned

4.5.1. CIO Berlin

4.5.2. Jens JD

4.5.3. SalesForce volunteering activity setup with ERCS

4.5.4. Demo LinkedIn into SPOnline

4.5.5. ITSM tool to replace Mantis

5. Luis

5.1. Planned

5.1.1. Automate Atlas data entry with Selenium

5.1.2. BI Embedded

5.2. Completed

5.2.1. Volunteer Management Tracker

5.2.2. Volunteer Recruitment Tracker

5.2.3. Data quality report

5.2.4. Merge Dashboard and Overview volunteer reports

5.2.5. PowerShell server configured

5.2.6. Community volunteers inclusion in all reports

5.3. OnGoing

5.3.1. Staffing table UNDP

5.3.2. Executive Snapshots

5.3.3. UNICC performance escalation

5.3.4. BI Financial suite #23 Cost Recovery Report RO/FU Breakeven Programme Finance

5.3.5. Powershell for AzureAD scripts

5.3.6. Master data service

5.3.7. VMF Report

5.4. Recurring

5.4.1. DT - Business Intelligence improvements #16 Volunteer Management reports improvements Vendor Management (SolidQ, Datamatics, PWC, SQLBI)

6. Shalmoli

6.1. Completed

6.1.1. VMAM Proforma integrated in BI for the cost recovery key report

6.1.2. Handover VMAM to Carlo

6.1.3. Handover Drupal based application to Hamid

6.1.4. Support Carlo in GIT

6.2. OnGoing

6.2.1. DT - Service Desk Implementation #9 Get SalesForce resource from LTA Business requirements Technical requirements TORs Demos (InterCom., ServiceNow, FreshDesk, Salesforce)

6.2.2. DT - Integration project #20 Get LTA for Azure Services SSO Proof of Concept with UNICC DT - Taxonomy Project #19 Demos with Vendors (Profisee) PoC with UNICC Integration layer in Azure EarthMed PoC LinkedIn Integration Manage UNICC Vendor

6.2.3. DT - CRM #6 #7 #8 #10 CRM SalesForce POC Business Requirement Technical Specifications Vendor Management

6.2.4. Move UNV Website in Cloud (Pantheon with UNFPA LTA)

6.3. Cancelled

6.4. Planned

7. Hamid

7.1. Planned

7.1.1. Website migration to Drupal v8

7.2. Completed

7.2.1. Website/OV/VRA upgrade to PHP7

7.2.2. Handover from Shalmoli

7.3. OnGoing

7.3.1. TOR UVP

7.3.2. UVP Technical specifications

7.3.3. Organize demo with Cloud HR solution vendors (Skeeled,, LinkedIn and update Product matrix comparaison

8. Martina

8.1. Completed

8.2. OnGoing

8.2.1. SD technical specifications

8.2.2. CRM technical specifications

8.2.3. Prepare training path in LinkedIn Learning with HRS

8.2.4. CRM flowcharts

8.2.5. ProBono SalesForce volunteer engagement

8.3. Planned

8.3.1. UVP design with cloud services

8.3.2. Editorial calendar

9. Carlo

9.1. Reccuring

9.1.1. Provide Tier 2 & 3 Helpdesk support for VM systems #22

9.1.2. VMAM Mantis tickets

9.1.3. Database administration (MSSQL/MySQL)

9.1.4. vScheduled releases

9.1.5. Password Reset technical lead

9.2. Planned

9.2.1. Storing volunteer files out of SP2013

9.3. OnGoing

9.3.1. Liaise with UNDP to fix Atlas interface bug

9.3.2. DT - UVP #1 #2 #3 #4 UVP Technical specifications Demos with Eva, Skeeled, LinkedIn, Molnix with details in Product matrix

9.4. Completed

9.4.1. VMAM OP4

9.4.2. VMAM OP3

9.4.3. VMAM OP2

9.5. Cancelled

10. ICT Overview

10.1. Modern Workplace

10.1.1. Office365 Email, calendar, Tasks (Outlook, Tasks, To-Do) Office Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Survey Tool (Forms) Personal documents (OneDrive) Corporate documents (SharePoint) Quick applications builder (PowerApps, Flow) Internal Collaboration (Teams) External Collaboration (Yammer) Modern Presentation Tool (Sway) Video Portal (Stream) Project plan (Planner) Notes (OneNote) Delve (Search based on users) UNV Intranet Analytics and Investiment System (AIS) Records Center Travel Planner Meeting Rooms Volunteer management knowledge base UNV Onboarding UN Partner Knowledge Base Workplans Managers Calendar

10.1.2. UNDP Intranet Collaboration Tools

10.2. ERP

10.2.1. Atlas HCM Finance PMD eServices HCM data quality dashboard eRecruit/eHire T&E Prompt

10.3. Business Intelligence

10.3.1. Power BI

10.3.2. Azure Analysis Services

10.3.3. Datawarehouse

10.3.4. Atlas data server (UNICC)

10.3.5. PowerBI Premium (UNDP)

10.3.6. Power BI Pro licenses

10.4. Directory

10.4.1. UNDP AD UNDP Email and Group Management

10.4.2. Azure UNV AD

10.4.3. Identity and Access Management (IAM)

10.4.4. UNV Reset Password

10.5. IT Support

10.5.1. Databases

10.5.2. DataCenter Lan Network Wireless Network Cisco equipments DFN HC VMWare Veeam Backup solution DigiCert DNS Network Cables/cards CheckPoint Firewall Storage Units

10.5.3. Cloud Services SparkPost Mandrill Incapsula BitBucket Host Tracker Google Analytics Wasp ClickUp MSDN G-Suite Prezi MindMeister

10.5.4. Softwares Acunetix RedGate TeamViewer PHPED MobaXterm

10.5.5. User office Laptop Monitor Keyboard, mouse, headset, powersupply, cables

10.5.6. Printers H&G maintenance Toners

10.5.7. Applications Mantis bug tracker Script (Powershell) server IAM-Teams UNDP AzureAD memberships Deployment Script Vscheduled (VMAM-Atlas)

10.5.8. IT Support for Event Management

10.5.9. Helpdesk

10.6. Applications

10.6.1. UNV Website Link to website Vendor: Softescu Technical Lead: Hamid Business Lead: Amina

10.6.2. VMAM Link to website Vendor: CSF Technical Lead: Carlo Business Lead: Avetis

10.6.3. Online Volunteering Link to website Vendor: Softescu Technical Lead: Hamid Business Lead: Michael Strautman

10.6.4. Volunteer Reporting Application (VRA) Link to website Vendor: Softescu Technical Lead: Hamid Business Lead: Hendrik

10.6.5. Volunteer Management Forecast (VMF) Link to website Vendor: UNDP Technical Lead: Hamid Business Lead: Hendrik

10.6.6. Volunteer Assets Management (VAM) Link to website Vendor: -- Technical Lead: Hamid Business Lead: Amina

10.6.7. eCampus (ITC-ILO) Link to website Vendor: ITC-ILO Technical Lead: -- Business Lead: Shubh

10.6.8. UN Bonn Website Link to website Vendor: Softescu Technical Lead: Islam Business Lead: CSU

10.6.9. UN Bonn Intranet Link to website Vendor: ??? Technical Lead: Islam Business Lead: CSU

10.6.10. Taxonomy (Master Data Services) Link to website Vendor: UNICC Technical Lead: Luis Business Lead: Monija

10.6.11. Business Intelligence (BI) Link to website Vendor: SQLBI-Datamatics-PWC-SolidQ-UNICC Technical Lead: Luis Business Lead: Martin (ExO)

10.6.12. UNV Volunteer files Link to website Vendor: Trigyn Technical Lead: Carlo Business Lead: Avetis

10.6.13. Identity and Access Management Link to website Vendor: IT Concepts Technical Lead: Mohsin Business Lead: Manuel-Asif-ManFred-Jan

10.6.14. Mantis Link to website Vendor: --- Technical Lead: Mohsin Business Lead: --

10.6.15. Password Reset Link to website Vendor: --- Technical Lead: Carlo Business Lead: Avetis

10.7. DT

10.7.1. Service Desk

10.7.2. CRM

10.7.3. UVP

10.7.4. Org readiness

10.7.5. Integrations

10.8. Links

10.8.1. ICTU Workplan

10.8.2. Financial Analysis

10.8.3. Running costs

10.8.4. CMA/Releases BI Report

10.8.5. Cloud Services

10.8.6. Applications

10.8.7. Softwares

10.8.8. KeyContacts

10.8.9. Procurement report