Life project

proyecto de civica

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Life project by Mind Map: Life project

1. Who I am

1.1. Myself .

1.1.1. Strengths chess football critical thinking communication open minded creative honest

1.1.2. weaknesses lazy messy impulsive off centered

1.1.3. Goals I haven’t been able to reach yet finish high school with good grades like high school to enter a university and possibly do a medical career and do a specialty leaving around 30 years to get a good salary in a job that I like and passion and when the monento form a family and continue to grow as a professional, and as a person

1.2. personality

1.2.1. im short,thin with long hair and brown skin i am catholic and i like to talk and to play football with my friends

2. Who I want to be

2.1. My purpose and goals in life

2.1.1. my purpose in life is to be happy and successful to reach all my goals and realize myself as a good person and with values How can I defeat my obstacles? improve in my weaknesses and working in my values and habits

2.1.2. my goals to one year are finishing my first year of preparatory whit good grades

2.1.3. my goals to five years to get good grades by my habits well dominated and learning alot

2.1.4. my goals to 10 years are to continue studying and when i finish my career study a speciality

2.1.5. my goals to 20 years are to exercise my profession and to start planning to have a family and also grow more as person

2.1.6. my goals to 50 years are to have a family and continue to exercise my profession until i dure

3. Background

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