Family Values

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Family Values by Mind Map: Family Values

1. Family values are necessary in order to maintain and create a happy life.

1.1. In order to live a long happy life family values are needed because the only reason family will continue to lift each other’s happiness is through positivity and demonstration of their shared values.

1.2. When family values are followed and established from young age by parents then their children will live in them as long as the parents remodel these values. The parents must demonstrate these values continuously with a positive attitude. Everyone’s life will continue to be built with joy and happiness and for generations to come.

2. Family values establish moral standards between each family member.

2.1. Family value sets the overall standards expected to live throughout their life and to pass on to other family members. These values show the morals of one’s family. The families who incorporate family values and also leads with them no matter what have stronger foundation.

2.2. Family values can provide overall love to their child as newborn and continue that bond until the rest of their life. But encouraging family values throughout their child’s life can help remain a close family and build their morals even stronger between families.

3. Family values maintain and keep family members close together.

3.1. An example of family values keeping families closer is when their are a set of values in palce from the beginning of a family, everyone understands these values and try to maintain them by following them in order to stay together.

3.2. When families have a clear set of values and communicate them to each other, it is challenging to break them or chose to not follow them. An example can be to explain to each other there no lying in the household and to follow it. When every cooperates, then the family shall stick together and help build trust.

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