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Rocket clouds Home Page by Mind Map: Home Page

1. Above the Fold

1.1. Header

1.1.1. Logo

1.1.2. Header Nav Flights Hotels Rewards NEW flag

1.1.3. User Information Currency selection Dropdown menu

1.2. Headline

1.2.1. Sub headline Off-site article link

1.3. Flight booking

1.3.1. Information input Round Trip/One Way Location Autofill suggestions Destination Autofill suggestions Departure Date Calendar dropdown Return Date Calendar dropdown

1.3.2. Search flights button

1.4. Travel photograph

1.4.1. Location caption

1.5. "Featured in" Bar

1.5.1. Company logos

2. Below the fold

2.1. Body

2.1.1. Secondary headline Link to offsite article

2.1.2. Featured locations Location Search Grid of locations (x12) Price Photograph of location Description

2.1.3. Rewards banner Headline Description Account buttons Sign in Register

2.1.4. Features bar Individual feature (x4) Icon Headline Description FAQ link

2.1.5. Mobile app advertisement Headline Description Phone number entry Send button Photograph of phone app

2.2. Footer

2.2.1. Primary footer Footer nav Logo About FAQ Press Terms Social Media icons Facebook Twitter Instagram

2.2.2. App store buttons Apple Google

2.2.3. Feedback button