proyect 6 semester and 5 semester

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proyect 6 semester and 5 semester by Mind Map: proyect                                6 semester and 5 semester

1. Obligation/Necessityn example: Miss. Rose must work harder than sister.

2. How many?/ how much?example: he has to wake up at 6 a.m. every day

3. Block 1

4. simple future: affirmative, negative and interrogative example: the spokesman will announce the legal result

5. adjetive: sure/unsure example: i m sure about her, so i dont believe you

6. what will the weather be like tomorrow? example: he ll leave right after dinner

7. modal verbs: may/might example: i might get tickets for the killers concert

8. Which one is fewer? example: there arent too many mathematic books in the library

9. Too difficult example: i cant eat the dish. its too salty

10. block 1

11. Prohibition example: you mustn"t eat too pizza

12. What does he have to do? example: i have to work next saturday

13. Daniels obligations/forbidden sings example: i dont have to go to the lebrary

14. Block 2

15. Lets talk about football example: fewer familes have microwave oven these days

16. Food and groceries example: the same meaning some in affirmative and any in interrogative

17. Do tou invite your friends...? example: you should eat a few pieces of fruit every day

18. What is your favorite food? example: breakfast 7:00 am to 12:00 pm eeggs yogurt

19. Block 3

20. Holiday in mexico example: enough milk do you need?

21. Plans and intentions example:henry is not going to accept the contract

22. What are you doing next weekend? example: in their spanish class they are reading a book about mexican government tomorrow

23. Do you make plans whit your friends? example: afther work imeeting some friends at the bar

24. Where do you go so quickly? example: i am meeting my new friends in the afternoon

25. You really have to visit...! example: olga be going to her new business next month

26. Block 2

27. zero conditional example: if you heat water to 100 degrees it boils

28. first conditional example: if peter haves money this week, he will go to acapulco this weekend

29. second conditional example: if were the president i d reduce taxes

30. second conditional example: if i got tickets for the concert, i would have a good time

31. avoid repetitions- so do i/ neither do i example: so am i neither am i

32. reported speech ( say and tell) example: dad sho woeked and stodied

33. Block 3

34. present perfect: affirmative, negative and interrogative example: we havent traveled by train in our country

35. present perfect: short answers/ for and since/ adverbs example: my parent dant wnat to move. they lived in this neighborhood for 25 years

36. present perfect progressive example: we have never kept souvenirs from other countries

37. present perfect/ presente perfect progressive example: i have been speaking