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Tableau by Mind Map: Tableau

1. Netsuite

2. eManage

2.1. Campaign management

2.2. Back-end services

2.2.1. eCommerce

2.2.2. Customer Service

2.2.3. Inventory/Fulfilment

2.2.4. Reporting &Data Collection/storage

2.2.5. Fraud detection

2.2.6. Payment Gateway

2.3. Provide to 3rd party clients as a part of a SaaS Solution

3. Verve

3.1. An affiliate tracking platform

3.1.1. Stores advertiser, affiliates, offers and campaigns for both parties

3.1.2. Track accounting and billing

4. EPL

4.1. Collect information about new and potential products on the market

4.2. Manage inventory and logistics together with CRM system- eManage