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Issues by Mind Map: Issues

1. Climate Change: climate change happens when the weather patterns change and the patterns last for at least a few decades and possibly millions of years. This is because of human activity. There is an increased use of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. The resulting carbon dioxide builds up the atmosphere creating the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect traps energy from the sun and raises the temperature of the Earth, the temperature rising is climate change. Canada's temperature is rising more quickly than the global average. Climate change is melting the ice in the arctic and many polar bears are dying. This is causing carbon dioxide to build up into the atmosphere and not get out. This happens when the earth gets suddenly hotter.

1.1. Who does Climate Change effect?

1.1.1. Climate Change affects humans and animals because polar bears live in the arctic and the ice is melting. It is getting harder for the polar bears to swim back to shore. It affects humans by the atmosphere getting too hot and the humans dying.

1.2. What can people do to help stop Climate Change/ what has the government done?

1.2.1. We can start to use electric cars like a Tesla to help climate change.

1.3. What animals are most affected by Climate Change?

1.3.1. Polar bears, snow leopards, and the arctic fox all live in the arctic where many animals could die from climate change. In the arctic there is a lot of snow and ice and if the atmosphere gets too warm the snow and ice could start melting. This is hard for those animals to survive because when the ice starts to melt, there will only be water left and that is harder for the animals to live. Some animals could swim but some baby animals could easily drown. Animals that live in warm places are also at risk because it could getter hotter than their usual temperature.

1.4. What causes Climate Change?

1.4.1. I think

1.5. What levels of government can help this issue?

1.6. What is Climate Change?

1.7. How does Climate Change affect humans?

1.7.1. It can affect us because if the earth gets too hot for our bodies to handle we could get sick/heatstroke or even die.

1.8. What are some different perspectives on Climate Change?

1.8.1. My perspective on climate change is that I think it is very bad and it is affecting many humans and animals. Climate change is taking namy lifes. I think many people agree with me but are not doing anything to help.

1.9. What parts of Canada are most affected by Climate Change?

1.9.1. The arctic, africa, small islands in asian mega deltas are all places that are mostly affected by climate change.

2. Bullying

3. Homelessness

4. Migrant Workers

5. Disabilities

6. Child Poverty