Eurasian otter

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Eurasian otter by Mind Map: Eurasian otter

1. Eurasian otters are extreamly fasinating in many different aspects.

1.1. Eurasian otters look extremely friendly but it is the absolute opposite. Eurasians otters do carry zoonotic dieases that van couse you to have a illeness.

2. The ocean Eurasian otter lives are very similar to reagular river otters.

2.1. River and ocean otters sleep very similar, the ocean otter sleeps floating in the forest of kelp and giant sea weed.

2.1.1. But in some ways there life's are different river otter spend most of there time on land when the ocean otters time is mostly spent in the dark and blue waters of the ocean.

3. Otters use rocks for many different things.

3.1. otters use rocks to brack/ crush there food. they use it to brack opean shellfish so they can eat them.