The fascinating world of hypoglycemia

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The fascinating world of hypoglycemia by Mind Map: The fascinating world of hypoglycemia

1. In a nutshell...

1.1. Brain is good

1.2. Brain needs sugar

1.3. Brain without sugar is bad

2. Makes it better again:

2.1. Carbohydrates in general

2.2. Vegetables

2.3. Whole-grain food e.g. Brown bread

2.4. Prepare! Keep food in your bag at all times like crisps or a banana. (But this is no replacement for a meal!). Keep the pantry stocked up with tinned food!

2.5. Many small meals appears to be the single most helpful treatment. Aim for 6

2.6. Breakfast is the meal that will set out your entire day. It is very hard to stabilise the rest of the day if it is missed.

2.7. Seeing a doctor. You have to have this diagnosed correctly.

2.8. Eating sugary foods is a fast solution if you're feeling a bit hypog. But it's effects are extremely short, you need to follow it immediately by carbs which slowly metabolise in to sugar throughout the day.

3. Your boyfriend...

3.1. ... is very good at noticing you when you're hypog. Normally it's 3am coming home from the pub. Do not get offended if I suggest a bite to eat x x x

3.2. ... will only truly be happy when you've seen a doctor! HINT!!!

3.3. ... misses you loads

4. Tell tale signs

4.1. What you notice

4.1.1. Shakey

4.1.2. Lack of concentration

4.1.3. Impaired sight

4.1.4. Nightmares

4.1.5. Weakness

4.2. What other people will notice

4.2.1. "Glassy" look/gaze

4.2.2. Irrational

4.2.3. Defensive/Paranoid

5. Makes it worse:

5.1. Refined sugars

5.2. White stuff

5.2.1. White bread

5.2.2. Cake

5.2.3. White Pasta

5.2.4. White rice

5.3. Stimulants (Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco)

5.4. Not eating. Missing a meal will affect you in the next 48 hours

5.5. Excess fruits

6. "Like a greased pig: Easy to define, hard to pin down"