FMP-Release a single

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FMP-Release a single by Mind Map: FMP-Release a single

1. Aims

1.1. Work collaboratively on composing a song.

1.2. Complete a compisition.

1.3. Have a rap section as it's different from my typical compositions.

1.4. Gaining interest for my music.

1.5. Expand my knowledge of music production.

1.6. Book rehearsal and studio time.

2. Objectives

2.1. Book rehearsal and studio time.

2.1.1. Look at the booking timetable and ask a lecturer to reserve my spaces asap.

2.2. Working collaboratively on composing a song.

2.2.1. Talk to Aiden to see if he is interested in helping out.

2.3. Complete a compisition.

2.3.1. Spend a lot of time in practice rooms to give myself plenty of time to create something and ask Aiden to help to speed up the process as he will have different ideas than I do.

2.4. Have a rap section.

2.4.1. Ask Aiden to create a rap to make the song different from what I'd usually do.

2.5. Gaining interest for my music.

2.5.1. Upload finished song to social media.

2.6. Expand my knowledge of music production.

2.6.1. Pay close attention and ask questions when in the studio.

3. Resources

3.1. Research

3.1.1. websites

3.1.2. interviews

3.1.3. Books

3.1.4. Articles

3.2. Instruments & Equiptment

3.2.1. Acoustic Guitar

3.2.2. Vocal Mic

3.2.3. Room mic

3.2.4. Guitar mic

4. Feedback

4.1. Feedback on social media

4.2. Survey

5. Location

5.1. College

5.1.1. This is where most of my rehearsal time will take place.

5.1.2. I will use the studio to record.

5.2. Home

5.2.1. I will rehearse at home.

6. Audience

6.1. Local people ( Peterborough and Stamford)

6.1.1. This is where most of my supporters are based.

6.2. Followers on social media

6.2.1. I have a music page specifically for this kind of thing ad nearly 100% of my audience said they'd like to hear original content.

6.3. 14-40

6.3.1. I want to make lyrics that mainly resonate with the younger generations but that also can be enjoyed by people older than me.

7. Promotion/Marketing

7.1. Social media

7.1.1. Make sure to promote my single on all my socials.

7.2. Perform my single at an event

7.2.1. Make posters

7.2.2. Make a page for the event on social media

7.2.3. Personally tell close friends and family about the event.

8. Budgeting

8.1. I do not need to invest in anything as it will be done using colleges facilities.