Ashgrove Energy Mindmaps

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Ashgrove Energy Mindmaps by Mind Map: Ashgrove Energy Mindmaps

1. MegaPOD Video (3)

1.1. Information

1.1.1. Intro "Introducing THE MEGA POD from Ashgrove Energy"

1.1.2. Sales Points "Superb Modulation 30kW - 450kW" "Modular Design gives maximum efficiency at part load" "Connect multiple modules to suit any size project" - Perhaps show multiple pods here (semi transparent? maybe with words "2/3/4.. MW Systems") "Adjustable feet for easy installation & levelling" "Easy lifting access for individual units as well as complete Pod "Full BMS connectivity as well as comprehensive stand alone controll"

1.2. Video Sections

1.2.1. Ashgrove Energy Logo - White background

1.2.2. Intro text - Still Image of text with camera moving slowly

1.2.3. Inital 360° flyby looking down at 45° - Quick overview (5 secs)

1.2.4. Low level Flyby, pausing 3 or 4 times to show key info close ups on Screen Flanges Adjustable Feet Forklift access Walkway side of heat pump zoom out for image showing multiple megapods (5No.)

1.2.5. Finish by traveling up walkway and fading to Ashgrove Logo - White background

1.3. Model detail

1.3.1. Include Frame

1.3.2. Include Fittings

1.3.3. Dont show insulation on pipework

1.3.4. Remove Blank Flanges

1.3.5. Remove hot gas pipes from top of heat pumps

1.3.6. Put a floor on the walkway

1.3.7. Put an image on the screen of the Megas

1.4. Notes on Product video research

1.4.1. Background colour good - colour pallet in general well thought through. Ending with website address

1.4.2. Textured Text Screen zoom out from initial overview text Text Positioning changing for feature close ups Product still moving during feature close ups

1.4.3. Shadow of intro text on ground Zooming on intro text Computer screen at the end with the Web address Background not white Lines and text fine/narrow and professional

1.4.4. Background colour - faded to centre Logo constantly in bottom right (too small) Animated Operation Exploded view Grundfos SP pumps

1.4.5. Movement around product good. fast then slow Finishes on elevation - looks good Background faded from bottom to top Shadow of product on floor The Product Launch of Siemens’ E-Series 2MW Engine

2. MEGA POD New Name (3)

2.1. Ideas work conveying

2.1.1. Speed of install

2.1.2. Carbon neutral

2.1.3. Modular

2.2. Thoughts

2.2.1. Pod is fine - not essential if there is better

2.2.2. Mega is a thermia word - no benefit to us pushing it

2.3. Ideas

2.3.1. 1st Part Quick Energy Green Mod Carbon Geo Ash Power Rapid Speedy Fast Swift Prompt Prestige HVAC Mech.

2.3.2. 2nd Part Pod Hub Core Nub Nucleus Module Block Capsule Assembly Unit System Plant Centre

2.4. Frontrunners

2.4.1. Swiftpod

2.4.2. Swiftcentre

2.4.3. Swiftunit

2.5. Research

2.5.1. Container colour / Logo EnergyPod - Amphibious Energy

2.5.2. Energy Pod - 400kW Wrexham | Shaw Renewables Ltd.

3. Archive

3.1. Landcatch Video (2)

3.1.1. Information Site information (already in old video) Project overview 3.8 MW high level, 3.7 MW, Hydro electricity, Zero carbon , Sea source (L/S of sea water Max ) , On site build time, contract life, low cost heating increases facility through-put

3.1.2. Edits Adjust Panel Change Logos Pause at 8 seconds showing site particulars

3.2. Ashgrove Energy Plantrooms Presentation (1)

3.2.1. Projects Congeith Glaisters Kings Point Ayrshire

3.2.2. Content per Project Overview Schematic 3D Images Pictures

3.2.3. High Level Message Prefabrication Design Quick install

3.3. Clapham Performance Specification

3.3.1. Borefield Specification Spec: Qty, Depth, Diameter, pipe, grout, Borehole Layout Drawing Qty: 42 Spacing: 12m Manifold chambers: 2 Well head drawing Manifold chamber detail Plantroom termination point detail

3.3.2. Heating Distribution pipework specification Plantroom termination point detail Spec: Flowrate, F&R Temperature (60/50), Pressure

3.3.3. Cooling Distribution pipework specification Plantroom termination point detail Spec: Flowrate, F&R Temperature (60/50), Pressure

3.3.4. Borefield Distribution pipework specification Plantroom termination point detail Spec: Flowrate, F&R Temperature (60/50), Pressure

3.3.5. Utilities spec Electrical Supply 8 Megas + pumps + misc Broadband Water DN32 Gas supply required for 1MW boiler?

3.3.6. Schematic Showing flowrates & temperatures Design Figures HTG: 915,286 KWh CLG 85,392 KWh Heat Pumps: 752kW (8 Megas) Cooling Effect: 501kW (Cop 3) HTG: 60/50 @17.9l/s CLG: 6/16 @ 15.8l/s Borefield: 0/3 @ 52.8 l/s (COP 5)