Yakult factory visit

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Yakult factory visit by Mind Map: Yakult factory visit

1. 1) Seed room

1.1. Mother shirota strain breed

1.1.1. Only the family of yakult in Japan know the mother cell of the bacteria Twice a year, mother cell will be brought to Malaysia

2. 2) Culture and mixing room

2.1. Skim milk, water, sugar

2.1.1. Ultra heat sterilizer Reduce temp, and add baby bacteria

2.2. Culture tank: fermentation, and keep for dew days

2.2.1. Homogenizer: Smoothen the texture Storage tank: add in flavour and water to dilute solution, sucrose (ace) fructose (light)

3. 3) Moulding room

3.1. Making of yakult bottles

4. 4) Lab section

4.1. Make sure a bottle of yakult contain 30 billion of shirota

4.2. Clean room

5. 5) Quality control room

5.1. Checking from raw materials to finished products

5.1.1. Colour factory environment hygiene

5.2. a batch of Yakult drink that not achieved specific standard will be rejected

5.2.1. waste water treatment bottle will be recycled

6. 5) Filling room

6.1. Fill Yakult into the bottle

6.1.1. Have two machine one for single pack one for combo pack

7. 6) Packing room

7.1. Cap, pack, repack 1 caton (re-shrinking machine)

7.1.1. polyethylene shrink film

7.2. undergo checking twice by two people

7.3. those pack that have flaws will be repack again