Class 1: Mental Health, Stress & Coping

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Class 1: Mental Health, Stress & Coping by Mind Map: Class 1: Mental Health, Stress & Coping

1. Stress= Subjective

1.1. Things that Impact Stress...

1.1.1. Environmental Factors

1.1.2. Culture i.e. how we're raised

1.1.3. Coping Mechanisms

1.1.4. Age- Varies

1.1.5. Gender- Women are more stressed than men

1.1.6. Support- Singles are more stressed than married ppl

2. Stressor

2.1. Factors Such as...

2.1.1. Biological (body)

2.1.2. Psychological (mind)

2.1.3. Social (friends/family)

2.1.4. Chemical (drugs/hormones) Cause... Physical Tension Emotional Tension

3. Adaptive Responses (+ Good)

3.1. Ex. Taking it one thing at a time

3.2. Taking a bubble bath

3.3. Taking a Walk

3.4. Breathing Exercises

4. Maladaptive Responses (- Bad)

4.1. Disrupts Self Esteem; unhealthy

4.1.1. Ex. Retreating from supportive ppl for a long time

4.1.2. Shutting things down

4.1.3. Giving Up/Quitting

5. Stress is a...

5.1. Environmental Event


5.1.2. Causes a CHANGE in Life Pattern

5.1.3. Decreases your Resources

5.1.4. Could be Positive + Passing NSG 121

5.1.5. Could be Negative - Getting Fired

5.2. Biological Response

5.2.1. "Fight or Flight" Saliva decreases MAJOR BLOOD VESSELS DILATE Small vessels (skin) constrict >chills & sweating Heart Beats Faster & Harder Stomach Enzymes Decrease Muscles Tense/Tremble Eyes- Pupils DILATE Lungs- Quick & DEEP Breathing GI motility Decreases; CONSTIPATION

5.2.2. Sympathetic Response of Autonomic Nervous System

5.2.3. Why we need Coping Mechanisms Severity of Stress Depends on.. How Long Stressed? How Often Stressed?

6. Three Stages of Stress

6.1. 1. Alarm Reaction Stage

6.1.1. In SHOCK at first

6.2. 2. Stage of Resistance

6.2.1. When you FIGHT or work through the stress

6.3. 3. Stage of Exhaustion

6.3.1. Been stressed WAY TOO LONG, over and over, YOU CAN'T RECOVER

6.3.2. Can Lead to.. Diseases of Adaptation H/A Anxiety GI Ulcers Colitis Insomnia