Public Private Partnership Training Course

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Public Private Partnership Training Course by Mind Map: Public Private Partnership Training Course

1. Launch Plan

1.1. Collateral Needed

1.1.1. Define Master Class Part 1 What Is the Bullet point summary of the training - 5-7 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

1.1.2. Case Study: Success Story Background Before: Problem/Pain Outcome Needed Middle: Implementation After: Outcome Achieved

1.1.3. Pre Recored Training

1.1.4. Define Target Profile Industries Job titles Entry level Senior Products used Novice Pro

1.1.5. Workflow Have a Meeting Interview for Case Study Build Funnel Build Email Template Build Funnel Framework & Create Lists CopyWriting Review Meeting Video and Segment Design Polish Pages Tracking & Tagging & Custom Audiences Set up Advertising Campaigns Round 1 Setup

1.2. Traffic

1.2.1. Round 1 : Build Launch Pixel Facebook $500 Optimize Video Views LinkedIn $500 Optimize Website Visits - Conversions Campaign Group

1.2.2. Round 2 : Launch Lead Magnet Facebook $500 @ Remarketing List Optimize to Conversions Linkedin $500 @ Remarketing List Optimize to Conversions Organic Youtube Top Videos Only Playlist Email Blast to Current List

1.3. Funnel

1.3.1. Lead Magnet w/ Tripwire Thank You Page: Value Video $97 Trip-Wire (Masterclass) Remarketing 1 - FUF: Optin/no MS Class

1.3.2. Core Offer Automated Webinar FUF: All Lead Magnet Leads Webinar registration Remarketing: 3 Webinar Reg/not Attended >> Push Replay

2. Content

2.1. Youtube Playlist

2.2. Session Outline

2.2.1. Part one-what’s the problem My Story on Whats the Problem

2.2.2. Part two-why hasn’t it been fixed

2.2.3. Why bother? What are the benefits

2.2.4. What types of partnerships are there?

2.2.5. Who should start them? Government? Or industry?

2.2.6. Where-where do we begin 2 videos? Part five-where should we start geographically two

2.2.7. Who should be involved two

2.2.8. what should we focus on

2.2.9. Part seven-who runs the show

2.2.10. Part eight-how do we know it’s working

2.2.11. Part nine-plan for disruptions and turnover

2.2.12. Part 10-how do we sustain

2.2.13. Part 11-the art of leverage and partnership

2.2.14. Part 12-how do we scale up

2.2.15. Part 13-signs of getting stale

2.2.16. What products should we produce

2.2.17. Resources that helpPPPs

2.2.18. Part 15-acknowledgments