Ethan's Digital "Footprint"

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Ethan's Digital "Footprint" by Mind Map: Ethan's Digital "Footprint"

1. General

1.1. Google

1.1.1. I use this digital Identity for almost everything! When I try to find and share information (Google Search), watch videos (YouTube), store files in the cloud (Google Cloud) etc. There is so much ways to use a Google account, and I use it everyday on my phone and on my computer. I need to try to reduce the time I spend on YouTube, as it is distracting me from my studies. Also, it is concerning that Google tracks all of my search history, even though I change my privacy settings.

1.2. Microsoft

1.2.1. Another "Jack of all trades" digital identity. I use my Microsoft account to use Office products such as Word and One Drive. My laptop also runs Windows 10, which is heavily influenced by this account.

1.3. Naver

1.3.1. Naver is a "Korean" Google, which provides many different software and web services. I do not use it very often; Once a month or so?

2. Social

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. I don't check Facebook as a Social Media that often, but I do check once in a while. The account is mostly used for messaging other people using Facebook Messenger.

2.2. Instagram

2.2.1. Don't use it at this point.

2.3. Twitter

2.3.1. Used to read recent tweets and find news. I do not tweet anything myself, and I created this account very recently.

2.4. Kakao Talk

2.4.1. Used to communicate with my Korean Friends.

3. Education

3.1. Common Application

3.1.1. Create a Common Application for Post-Secondary Applications. Some US institutes require this application.

3.2. Collage Board / ACT

3.2.1. Both are for registration to standardized tests such as SAT, Subject Tests, and ACT.

3.3. Surrey School District

3.3.1. The school made it, you know why I have it.

4. Professional/Career

4.1. TD Bank

4.1.1. I visit this account once in a while when I need to check my balance history, do transactions such as transfers, and more.

4.2. Linked In

4.2.1. My Linked In account is not fully updated; No one checks on it yet, and neither do I.

5. Personal Interest

5.1. GitHub

5.1.1. Used when I create computer-code based projects. It has features such as creating a online remote repository, collaborating with others, viewing project history, and more!

5.2. Stack Overflow

5.2.1. Form site for computer programming/ development help. It is really useful when I am stuck on a problem.

5.3. Chief Delphi

5.3.1. Like stack overflow, this is a form site regarding technical questions, but it's more specific to one topic: Robotics. I come here every day during the FIRST Robotics Competition robotics season.

5.4. Reddit

5.4.1. Well, I go here to read memes, but there is way more then that: There are community forms for different interests. Sometimes, it can be distracting me from my work.

6. Entertainment

6.1. Discord

6.1.1. The communication application that I use when playing games or talking with another person for a long time. I can also participate in discussions at different servers with different interests. It is also used as a normal messenger application as well. Used approx. 5 hours per week.

6.2. Steam

6.2.1. Use this account to purchase new games for my account's game library. Also used to authenticate myself when playing a game. Social features are rarely used, and I rely on Discord more for that.

6.3. Supercell ID

6.3.1. Used to authenticate myself when playing mobile games on my phone.