Symonds Street Cemetery

Made for Level 3 Industrial Design 2019

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Symonds Street Cemetery by Mind Map: Symonds Street Cemetery

1. Physical Surroundings

1.1. What buildings are near my site?

1.2. Are there any native trees near my site?

2. Present and Potential Use

2.1. What is my site being used for now?

3. Spatial Considerations

3.1. How big is my site?

3.2. Will my building have to be built around anything?

4. Climate and Aspect

4.1. Is there area around my site particularly wet?

4.2. How much sunlight does my site receive?

5. Topography

5.1. How steep is my site?

5.2. What kind of incline is my site on?

6. Access

6.1. How easy is it to get to my site?

6.2. Are there any walkways to my site?

6.3. Is there easy disabled access?


7.1. What kind if views can be seen form my site?

7.2. Are there any interesting trees and buildings around my site?

8. Ethical

8.1. Would it be wrong to remove graves and/or memorials?

9. Cultural

9.1. Are there graves of a specific religion in and around my site?

9.2. Are there any religious beliefs which i would have to take into consideration?

10. Economic

10.1. Will my site be used enough to warrant the government spending more money?

10.2. Is it more cost effective to build around obstacles such as graves and trees?

11. Historical

11.1. Does my site have an interesting history?

11.2. Are there any important burials at my site?

12. Social

12.1. How will the public react to the pavilion being built?

13. Legal

13.1. Are there any graves that legally cant be moved?

13.2. Are there any plants that legally cant be removed?

14. Existing Features

14.1. Is there already some sort of pavilion at the cemetery?

14.2. Are there any grave and/or memorial in around my site?