Motivation Theories

Motivation theories mind maps IGCSE z-notes

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Motivation Theories by Mind Map: Motivation Theories

1. Motivator Factors

1.1. factors can act as motivators for employees:

1.2. Achievement, personal growth, promotion, work itself and recognition

1.3. To be able to grow physiologically

2. Maslow's Hierachy of needs:a pyramid showing the different types of needs and how some are more important than others

3. F.W Taylor’s theory - “All individuals are motivated by personal gain”

3.1. • This means that if the workers are paid more, they will work more effectively • Taylor’s idea was that if the workers produced this target output, they would be paid more money

3.1.1. Taylor’s theory focused mainly on factory workers, since it is easy to work out their output done

3.1.2. This idea led to big productivity gains in companies that adopted this theory

4. Hygiene Factors

4.1. • Status • Security • Work Conditions • Relationship with boss & subordinates • Salary

4.2. Basic animal needs

5. Herzberg’s theory claims that the Hygiene factors must be satisfied, if not, it will demotivate workers

5.1. Only after they are satisfied, can the Motivator