reducing the development gap

GCSE geography - ways to reduce the development gap.topic: the changing economic world

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reducing the development gap by Mind Map: reducing the development gap

1. aid

1.1. water and goat can help ppl - (water, milk ,manure)

1.2. can get tech

1.3. countries may become dependent on aid

1.4. money might not be spent correctly

1.5. work is often done by charities and doesn't work on a big scale

2. fair trade

2.1. increased price for their crops

2.1.1. more income- better SOL

2.2. increased competition between farmers

2.3. people from hics may not want to buy the more expensive fair trade

2.4. helps at a local scale but not internationally

3. tourism

3.1. creates many jobs (200 000 in jamaica)

3.1.1. leads to more tax and better SOL

3.2. money from tourists can be spent on things like infrastructure/maintaining tourists facilities

3.3. relies on people wanting to come and visit

3.4. jobs may not be all year round

3.5. Not all money stays in the country (economic leakage)

4. investment and industrial development

4.1. creates lots of jobs -

4.1.1. more income and better SOL

4.2. Increased taxes to government

4.3. poor working conditions in HICS

4.4. economic leakage

5. debt relief

5.1. if we take away debt relief, they can use the money elsewhere e.g healthcare

5.2. countries may not use the money in the right places e.g corruption

5.3. countries may end up getting into debt again