causes of uneven development

GCSE geography: causes of uneven development topic: changing economic world

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causes of uneven development by Mind Map: causes of uneven development

1. physical

1.1. countries are landlocked

1.1.1. more expensive to trade by air

1.1.2. rely on neighbouring countries

1.1.3. less money- less funding from the government for things like healthcare and education

1.2. infectious diseases and pests

1.2.1. if bad food quality - ppl won't be eationg

1.2.2. effects the working population - less tax

1.2.3. less babies will be born - less of a future working population

1.3. natural disasters

1.3.1. they have to rebuild everything that was damaged

1.3.2. money can't be used elsewhere

1.3.3. crops will be flooded and all produce will be destroyed

1.4. lack of access to clean water

1.4.1. if people get diseased, will not be able to work and pay tax

1.4.2. farming cannot develop

1.4.3. kids will have to travel miles and not get and education

2. economic

2.1. poverty

2.1.1. LICs tend to do manual labour jobs which are payed low

2.1.2. hard to escape and lower SOL

2.1.3. more illnesses

2.2. trade

2.2.1. LICS can't compete so they are forced to sell things at lower prices

2.2.2. HICS make the rules and dominate trade

2.2.3. tariff and quotas

3. historical

3.1. timescale

3.1.1. richer countries have a longer history of industrial and economic development

3.1.2. LICS have yet to experience it

3.2. colonisation

3.2.1. exploitation of resources

3.2.2. difficult process for colonies to gain inderpendence involved civil wars and polotics

3.2.3. money has been spent elsewhere and some governments are corrupt

3.2.4. political instability has help development back