Perfil del Emprendedor

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Perfil del Emprendedor by Mind Map: Perfil del Emprendedor

1. 1. In 1971John Draper discovered that a whistle offered in boxes of cereal for breakfast could generate a 2,600 Hz signal use by AT&T phone Company and by using it you could make free calls.

2. 2. In 1974 Kevin Mitnick, a legend among hackers, began hacking into banking networks and altering the credit reports of his enemies.

3. 3. In 1981 Ian Murphy,a 23 year old guy known as Captain Zap on the networks, hacked into the White House and the Pentagon

4. 4. In 1987The IBM international Network was paralysed by a Hacker’s Christmas Message

5. 5. In 1988 The Union Bank of Switzerland almost lost £ 32millionto Hackers

6. 6. In 1989 a fifteen year old hacker cracked the US Defence Computer

7. 7. In 1991 Kevin Poulsen, known as Dark Dante on the networks, was accused of steling military files

8. 8. Cybercrime: PLAGARISM

9. 9. Cybercrime: CYBERSTALKING

10. 10. Cybercrime: IP SPOOFING

11. 11. Mozilla Firefox displays a lock when the websites are secure

12. 12. Private networks can be attacked by intruders who attempt to obtain information

13. 13. The most common methods of protection are passwords, Firewalls, Encryption and Decryption systems

14. 14. Malware (malicious software)

15. 15. A worn is a self-copying program

16. 16. A trojan horse is disguised as a useful program

17. 17. Spyware collect information from your PC without your consent.

18. 18. Most spyware and adware controls the advertisment that suddenly pop-up in your screen.

19. 19. To protect crucial data, companies hire security consultants who analyse the risk and provide solutions.

20. 20.Cybercrime: PIRACY

21. 21. Cybercrime: Spreading of malicious softwares

22. 22.Cybercrime: PHISHING

23. 23. Secure methods: SSH

24. 24. Security is crucial when you send confidential information online.

25. 27. If you use online banking services make sure they have the right certification.

26. 28. System designed to send email privately is Pretty Good Privacy, a freeware program written by Phil Zimmerman

27. 29. Please use secure passwords

28. 30. Use anti DoS methods