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The Mysterious Favor of God by Mind Map: The Mysterious Favor of God
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The Mysterious Favor of God

Luke 1:26-38, 46-48

A Misunderstood Doctrine

Favor is granted by a sovereign God to all who will have it and are ready to receive it. He is completely within His rights to show or to withhold His favor regardless of our performance, desire, or will. But God wants to show His favor to people. He longs to be known, experienced, and glorified through His favor. Some see every good or happy experience as "the favor of God," but His favor can be shown as much in the midst of suffering as in easy circumstances.

Know It When You See It

We are uneasy with the idea of the favor of God. Why? We feel unworthy. We feel it would be proud to claim to be "favored" by God. We feel the stare of others. But if we're favored, we need to know and recognize it.



A blessing.

Grow When You Experience It

When God wants to show you favor, take it! Experience it. In fact, squeeze all that you can out of it. John Piper often says, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." When we're resting in the power of His favor, He gets more glory.

Show It When Opportunities Arise

One of the most famous songs ever written is Mary's "magnificat." It has been sung in churches for two thousand years (I'm afraid I don't know the tune). Out of her experience came a hymn that has been a witness to the saving power and glory of God. As you experience the favor of God, sing about it - not necessarily literally, but in the sense of speaking highly of God and sharing the story of what He has done in your life.