Why is Muhammad significant to the development of Islam?

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Why is Muhammad significant to the development of Islam? by Mind Map: Why is Muhammad significant to the development of Islam?


1.1. Who was Muhammad as a political leader?

1.1.1. Muhammad was a fair man, who was selfless

1.1.2. Muhammad governed according to Islam, and that his rule over Mecca and Medina came about as a result of diplomacy, evangelism and strategic warfare.

1.2. What positions of leadership did he hold?

1.2.1. Muhammad was the leader of the Quraysh tribe and a spiritual guide that helped his people escape torture, execution and imprisonment.


2.1. Who was Muhammad as a religious leader?

2.1.1. Muhammad declared the people should not worship idols but only the One God- This caused controversy because undermine the belief in polytheism.

2.2. What issues did he encounter as a religious leader?

2.2.1. A person who set an example of how the world should be.

2.2.2. God’s messenger

2.2.3. Brings spiritual comfort to followers

2.2.4. He was a fair religious leader who treated everyone including himself equal

2.2.5. He was considered as the man of truth and honesty


3.1. What were the personal characteristics that he possessed?

3.1.1. Muhammad was known as the 'righteous one'

3.1.2. He brought the message of hope and serenity,

3.1.3. He was known for his kindness to slaves and his charitable work

3.1.4. He lived a simple life, free of obsessions, materialistic objects and regret