The Birth of HCI

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The Birth of HCI by Mind Map: The Birth of HCI

1. Vannevar Bush 1945 Article "As We May Think" (Idea of device to Augment Human Intellect)

1.1. MEMEX IDEA: Future Interactive desk

1.1.1. Store on microfiche

1.1.2. First seed of Hypertext in idea to "author trails through info." for sharing with others

1.1.3. Envisioned wearable camera on forehead to capture pictures.

2. Grace Hopper Early 1950s (more effective user interface)

2.1. Invented the first COMPILER (translates human text to a computer)

2.1.1. conceptualized how improved tools could widen audience with access to computation

3. Ivan Sutherland Early 1960s @MIT (the seeds of direct manipulation)

3.1. SKETCHPAD (Graphical User Interfact)

3.1.1. Input: Light Pen Output: Oscilloscope (device for viewing oscillations, as of electrical voltage or current)

4. Doug Engelbart 1968

4.1. Invented the first COMPUTER MOUSE

4.1.1. two orthogonal wheels

4.1.2. usable parameter provided about 5 inches of motion in each direction

5. Alan Kay Early 1970s @Xerox PARC

5.1. DYNABOOK Prototype

6. Xerox 1981


6.1.1. a bitmapped display, a window-based graphical user interface, icons, folders, mice, ethernet network, file servers, print servers, and email