Engineering Design

Physical Science Concept Map

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Engineering Design by Mind Map: Engineering Design

1. Defining and Delimiting an Engineering Problem

1.1. Identify Problem

1.1.1. Identify Goals

1.1.2. Create a Clear Criteria What needs have to be met Function Cost durability Should be quantifiable

1.1.3. Hypothesize Possible Solutions

1.1.4. What are the limitations Constraints Physical Economical Political Legal Social Ethical Aesthetic Quantitative Measurements of Constraint

2. Developing Possible Solutions

2.1. Creative Process

2.1.1. Brainstorm

2.1.2. Draft

2.1.3. Hypothesize

2.2. Display of Ideas

2.2.1. Models All Engineers use Models Help Engineers Visualize Elements of Possible Solution Helps Engineers Understand Features of a Design Problem Help Predict a Designs Performance Can be Manipulated Scale Models Prototypes

2.2.2. Sketches

2.2.3. Diagrams

2.2.4. Important elements of knowledge to convey clear ideas Ability to Use Mathematical models Physical Models Graphical Models Systems of Engineering Mechanical Electrical Biotechological

3. Optimizing the Design Solution

3.1. Finding the Best Solution

3.1.1. Optimization Trade-offs Lighter Weight Cost

3.1.2. Comparing Solution Proposals Pros Benefits Longevity Cost Effective Quality Effect on Problem Cons Trade-Offs

3.1.3. Factors to Consider Needs are Constantly Changing Needs Vary from Place to Place Environmental Health Impacts Available Technologies Expectations of Users