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Consequences by Mind Map: Consequences

1. Deposition of the tsar (1917)

2. New government

2.1. Republic

2.2. New economic system based on socialist ideas

2.2.1. Improvement of materials and working conditions

2.2.2. Social equality

2.2.3. Lands were given to the peasants

2.2.4. Factories were given to the workers

3. Civil War (1918-1921)

3.1. Supporters of tsarim (white)

3.2. Bolsheviks (red)

3.2.1. Communist party Communist dictatorship

4. Russia left the Great War in 1917

5. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918)

5.1. Russia made peace with Germany

5.1.1. Russia lost Finland, Estonia, Lethonia, Latvia, Georgia and Ucrania

6. Creation of the USSR (1922)

6.1. Great communist power vs capitalism (USA, most of Europe)

6.1.1. Cold War

7. War communism

7.1. Guaranteed supplies for the population and the army

8. Spartacist Revolt

8.1. Attemp to establish a communist regime in Germany