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mapc by Mind Map: mapc

1. Classes

1.1. 1. rhbp_agents_example.launch

1.1.1. Gives Names to Agents and start them

1.1.2. name="agent_name" value="agentA1"

1.2. 2. rhbp_agent.launch

1.2.1. Sets Parameters for RHBP parameter and starts one agent

1.2.2. <param name="activationThreshold" type="double" value="7.0" /> RHBP parameter

1.3. 3.

1.3.1. Represents the Agent and is a central point of organisation

1.3.2. self._agent_name = rospy.get_param('~agent_name', 'agentA1') sets the Agent which will be debugged

1.3.3. rospy.Subscriber(self._agent_topic_prefix + "request_action", RequestAction, self._action_request_callback) Subscribes to request_action

1.3.4. _action_request_callback here we just trigger the decision-making and planning while tracking the available time and behaviour responses

1.3.5. _initialize_behaviour_model initialises the RHBP behaviour/goal model. Random Move/Exploration Moving to a dispenser if in vision range Dispense a block if close enough Our simple goal is to create more and more blocks

1.4. 4.

1.4.1. Contains possible behaviours of the Agent

1.4.2. action_generic_simple Generic helper function for publishing GenericAction msg

1.4.3. RandomMove Move in randomly chosen directions

1.4.4. Dispense Dispenses a new block from the dispenser nearby

1.4.5. MoveToDispenser Move to closest dispenser nearby

1.4.6. effects rospy.Subscriber(self._agent_topic_prefix + "generic_action", GenericAction, self._callback_generic_action) rospy.Subscriber("~generic_action", GenericAction, self.callback_generic_action)

2. Helper Classes


2.1.1. handle messages from server and publish them to topics _request_action, _sim_start, _sim_end, _bye