Past of Be

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Past of Be by Mind Map: Past of Be

1. Afirmative

1.1. Subject + Main verb

1.2. Examples:

1.2.1. Marian and Christian were hungry when they arrived home.

1.2.2. Were you happy on christmas celebration because your family was there?

1.2.3. Ceasar and Bruno were all theyin the swimming pool, they weren't tired .

2. Negative

2.1. Subject + “to be” + “not”…

2.2. The children weren't able to identify the criminal in the judge.

2.3. The white little dog wasn't the winner in the competition.

3. Interrogative

3.1. “To be” + subject…?

3.2. Were the students happy at the graduation party on Saturday night?

4. Personal Pronouns To Be in Past I Was You Were He Was She Was It Was We Were You Were They Were