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1. Mission/motivation

1.1. Biohacker Center

1.1.1. We were first in 2014 Imitators Flowfest Health Optimisation Summit Market is consolidating

1.1.2. authority created by the Biohacker's Handbook

1.1.3. authority created by the quality of Biohacker Summit events


1.2.1. More and more biohacking focused competitors

1.3. Create pan-european brand for biohacking

1.4. Market it local (people prefer their own language, and local shipping)

1.5. Opportunity, because there is now chance to create pan-european biohacking product line & brand, "bulletproof of Europe"

1.6. Start from North Europe & Benelux Countries + Germany

1.7. Timeline: Become the leading optimal human performance & preventive health brand in Europe by 2022

1.8. Focus on quality, peer-reviewed articles, build bridges to medical community, hospitals and digital health

1.9. Enemy is not food industry or healthcare industry, but focus on positive message about preventive health & healthy lifestyle

1.9.1. More energy

1.9.2. Faster recovery

1.9.3. Looking healthy

1.9.4. Less sick-leaves

1.9.5. Healthier high performance

1.10. Focus on lifestyle (instead of nerdy stuff, alternative healing protocols etc.)

1.11. Subcultures / trends

1.11.1. Paleo

1.11.2. Biohacking

1.11.3. Beuaty

1.11.4. Quantified Self

1.11.5. Keto/LCHF

1.11.6. Crossfitters

1.11.7. Longevity

1.11.8. Anti-aging

1.11.9. Yoga

1.11.10. Primal living / natural living

1.11.11. Quantum health EMF protection

1.11.12. Superfood

1.11.13. Raw food

1.11.14. Carnivores

1.11.15. Intermittent fasting

1.11.16. Grinders

1.11.17. Alternative health

2. Offerings

2.1. Biohacker Center

2.1.1. Biohacker's Handbook 2014 sleep chapter 2016 Finnish hardcover 2019 English hardcover Social media: 16.7k Instagram Newsletter Finnish & English

2.1.2. Biohacker Summit First event in 2014 Sweden, Finland, Estonia, UK Pipeline: Netherlands 8 events 100+ vendors & sponsors Biohacker Summit blog Social media Newsletter

2.1.3. Biohacker Experiences Upgraded Dinner Upgraded Offsite Optimized Day Workshop Biohakkeripäivä (Finnish version) Thermogenic Spa

2.1.4. Biohacker's Online Store Self-quantification devices Books Biohacking devices Supplements Retail distribution

2.1.5. Biohacker's Podcast Live Show

2.1.6. Upgraded Workplace Occupational health Arthur de Roey CEO

2.1.7. Biohacker's Online Courses Fix your gut Fix your nutrition Biohacking 101 Fix your immunity Biohacking for women

2.1.8. Investments HealthDx Biomedical testing 10% share + revenue share Biohacker Fund 50% sweat, 50% equity Biohacking focused angel investors Distribution / reqruiting early adopters

2.2. Brick Meets Byte

2.2.1. Noordcode website

2.2.2. LIVEHELFI website

2.2.3. Consultancy

3. Financials

4. Partnerships

5. Structures

5.1. Biohacker Center BHC, Inc.

5.1.1. Plan Setup Biohacker Center Estonia Spin off Biohacker Experiences Biohacker Events Biohacker Retail

5.1.2. Team COO Teemu Arina free source salary from speaking / Dicole Ltd Biohacking related consulting engagements through BHC CEO, CMO, content lead Olli Sovijärvi full time Mainly content Marketing: Maxim Anakin part time Studio & video editing: Eetu Summanen part time / hourly basis Customer support: Irina Keränen sole proprietor Social media: Inka Immonen full time Part time student, University of Aberdeen, psychology / neuroscience Articles Biohacking for women Occasional assistance: Sannamari Eronen Training to become a doctor Biohacking for women Content, speaking: Jaakko Halmetoja sole proprietor Biohacker's Handbook Online store partnerships: Deni Haapameri Design, layout & marketing materials: Lotta Viitaniemi 3 days / weeks 2 days / ambronite Event production: Jenna Ritala Todo tapahtumat Oy WELL architecture: Sakari Pulkkinen sole proprietor Lifestyle assessments, Upgraded Dinner: Sara Adolfsen sole proprietor Biohacking for women Partnerships, Upgraded Workplace: Arthur de Roey sole proprietor Event volunteers 100+

5.1.3. Hiring needs Administration

5.1.4. Shareholders 50% Dicole Oy (Teemu Arina) 50% Olli Sovijärvi Will be minor: Jaakko Halmetoja, Lotta Viitaniemi, Ben Greenfield

5.1.5. Warehouses Vantaa, Finland Tallinn, Estonia Stockholm, Sweden

5.1.6. Online assets

5.1.7. Technologies Shopify Wordpress Adespresso Ogoship Inventory management Affiliatly Affiliate marketing Procountor Digital bookkeeping Flashnode Campwire ConvertKit Stripe Paypal Events Mailchimp

5.1.8. Partnerships Oura Emfit Ambronite Salli Naava ErgoFinland Vielight Foodin Puhdistamo Puhdas+ Supplements Rohtos Ketonix Maison gern

5.1.9. Own products Redlight/infrared Bluelight blockers Functional chocolates

5.2. Brick meets byte Ltd

5.2.1. Team CEO: Eduard de Wilde full time Office manager: Anna van der Berg 4 days / week Wife: Anouk Renaud E-commerce specialist free Outsourced partners Conversion crew Scientific researcher: Dagmar Social media: Livia Someone you know (agency) Hiring needs Store manager Administration

5.2.2. Warehouses Active ants, Netherlands

5.2.3. Technologies Shopify Subscription services Hubspot Exact online Bookkeeping Payments Multisafe pay Paypal Tradetracker Affiliates Loyaltylions Loyalty programs

5.2.4. Brands Noordcode C8 oil MCT oil Collagen Ghee Coffee Chocolate LIVEHELFI Bulletproof Neurohacker Collective Natural Stacks Nuzest Four sigmatic Life extension TruDark Dusan Plitcha

5.2.5. Ownership 80% Eduard 15% Herman Wiegerinck 5% Mathias Scholten 1 milj valuation (august 2018)

6. Events

7. Practicalities

8. Roles