New Employee Onboarding Process

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New Employee Onboarding Process by Mind Map: New Employee Onboarding Process

1. Things discussed at initial "kitchen" meeting

1.1. The need for new employees to find out about how to use our tools

1.2. The need for adequate and up to date documentation for developers to get started...

1.2.1. MeisterTask Frontend Backend Hans ?

1.2.2. MindMeister Frontend Backend Felix?

1.2.3. MeisterNote Frontend Backend

1.2.4. Meister Accounts

2. Things to present in new employee induction

2.1. Company History and Structure

2.2. Brief introduction to Products

2.3. Company Organogram

2.3.1. Then show new employees where they would fit in in the organogram

2.3.2. Take the employee guide a step further and explain who the new person can go to for certain queries e.g. all IT/legal related questions go to Patrick OR all HR related questions go to Lena OR Christoph for all office-related queries

2.4. General things that new employees need to know - holidays, leave etc

2.4.1. Explain handbook and its uses

2.5. Company rules and regulations

2.6. Benefits

2.7. Introduction to tools we use company wide and where to find out more about each of them

2.7.1. Slack

2.7.2. 1Password

2.7.3. G Suite and Drive

2.8. Introduction to mind mapping in general and to agile project/task management in general

2.9. MindMeister Demo

2.9.1. Philip P?

2.10. MeisterTask Demo

2.10.1. Laura / Raphaela?

3. Handy documents and links new employees need to have

3.1. The Handbook

3.2. MindMeister Shortcuts

3.3. MeisterTask Shortcuts

3.4. Technical Documentation: Readmes, Documentation not found in the handbook...

4. Things we need to update or consider updating

4.1. The MindMeister Academy: Set of tutorial videos on our website

4.2. The Handbook especially regarding the on-boarding documents for developers

5. Company example induction template

6. Developer Onboarding

6.1. Dev PC Setup

6.1.1. Editors

6.1.2. Tools

6.1.3. ....

6.2. Product Specific Setup

6.2.1. Dependencies

6.2.2. Simplify current setup process

6.3. Cleanup old stuff should simplify onboarding and avoid confusion

6.3.1. Repos

6.3.2. Old Slack Channels

6.3.3. MT Projects

6.4. Restructure and consolidate handbook setup

6.4.1. MM

6.4.2. MT

6.4.3. Accounts

6.5. Homogonize README

6.5.1. Readme shoud contain project status, blip of information and then link to handbook

6.6. Docker dev environment we'll try out, Pilar creates it and Felix and Hans are trial candidates :P

7. Current Process

7.1. Lena shares mindmap: that goes through employee benefits, time management, the team, development opportunities, working from home, details that lena needs, hardware etc

7.2. After signing the contract, line manager creates an on-boarding plan document (excel), printed out on the first day Lena created the template, line manager adds specific needs

7.2.1. Standardized document with all the information to put in the on-boarding plan

7.3. A talk after three months with line manager

7.4. Lena walks through parts of the handbook with the new employee - people and office

7.5. Jessica handles the US specific part of the on boarding process - benefits, dental, payroll

8. Digital Onboarding

8.1. Task created

8.1.1. With access to email

8.1.2. Our tools

8.1.3. Ordering hardware

9. Moving forward

9.1. Test out process with Sandra / Kelly

9.2. Things to add to handbook

9.2.1. Ask Patrick if something doesnt work

9.2.2. Links

9.2.3. explain what each calendar is used for

9.2.4. Which slack channels to join by department / interest - either create a key for what each channel does Hans think about cleaning up Slack channels

9.2.5. Pilar to customize Slack channels for each new person joining - automate that

9.3. Possible Pokemon inspired training cards for people

9.4. Look at how we can standardize the on boarding plan

9.5. Create on-boarding project, with different columns by department and add predefined checklists per department

9.5.1. Make sure that line manager adds new person to all necessary projects

9.5.2. Add technical checklist to that as well

9.6. Introduction to tools

9.6.1. Interactive sessions every 3 months?

9.6.2. Or what Kurt suggested

9.7. More random lunches with new people

9.7.1. Join random lunch channel

9.8. Department open house session