Writing About Reading

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Writing About Reading by Mind Map: Writing About Reading

1. Models of Writing

1.1. Modeled Writing

1.1.1. teacher writes and then reads to students

1.1.2. gives students a clear easy to follow model

1.2. Shared Writing

1.2.1. teacher and students compose together

1.3. Interactive Writing

1.3.1. identical in procedure as shared writing but allowing students to physically come to the board and add elements

1.3.2. used for PreK to 1st

1.4. Independent Writing

1.4.1. once students become confident in the form of writing they do it by themselves

2. Different Types of Writing

2.1. Functional Writing

2.1.1. mostly for personal use such as note taking

2.2. Narrative Writing

2.2.1. used to recount or retell part of a story or their lives

2.3. Informational Writing

2.3.1. used to organize data or information into one idea

2.4. Persuasive Writing

2.4.1. used to convince the audience about an idea

2.5. Poetic Writing

2.5.1. using poetry to respond to text