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The Hub by Mind Map: The Hub

1. myHub (Employee Services/Mine)

1.1. HR

1.2. Benefits

1.3. Training

1.4. Payroll/ADP/Pay

1.5. Home Office 411

1.6. Job Ops

2. ourHub (Company)

2.1. Culture

2.2. Departments

2.2.1. HR

2.2.2. Finance Accounts Payable Treasury Loan Vision/Treasury

2.2.3. Information Services IS Engineering PMO Encompass Team/LOS List Cyber Security HelpDesks and Resources Dev Help/Domo

2.2.4. Compliance & QC Advertising Licensing Vendor Management Risk Management QC SARS Employee Hotline

2.2.5. Operations Bank Operations Products Servicing Appraisal Guidelines One time Close (MS Team?)

2.2.6. Originators APM Edge AP Connect APM Mobile BirdEye DOMO Encompass Total Experts APM Loan Team Builder Services Lender Relations Marketing Social Media Renovation Speciality Wholesale

3. Tools and Resources

3.1. Originator Tools

3.2. Turn times

3.3. Guidelines

3.4. Training

3.4.1. Reverse Mortage

3.5. Employee Directory

3.6. Help Desk (IS)

3.7. Employee Hotline

4. Collaboration

5. News Hub