Implementation in ADDIE

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1. Introduction

1.1. Components

1.1.1. Learner Plan

1.1.2. Facilitator Plan

1.2. Purpose

1.2.1. Prepare the learning environment and engaged to the student

2. Prepare The Teacher

2.1. Facilitator Plan

2.1.1. Schedule A schedule is prepared showing when and where individual teachers will be prepared referred to as the Train-the-Trainer course

2.1.2. Identification identify and schedule qualified teachers to facilitate the instruction

2.1.3. Train the Trainer Developed to meet the specific needs of the teachers to serve in their role as facilitator Train the Trainer Courses Format #1 (three parts) Format #2 (four parts) Format #3 (three parts)

3. Result : Implementation Strategy

3.1. Prepare the Teacher

3.2. Prepare the Student

3.3. A) The client requests changes to the implementation strategy

3.4. B) The client is satisfied

4. Prepare The Student

4.1. Learner Plan

4.1.1. 1. Identification recruitment strategies student learning styles student prerequisites knowledge & skills student retention plans

4.1.2. 2. Schedule incorporate a method to ensure are identified as participation in the instruction schedule for student participation

4.1.3. 3. Pre-course Communications Specifics of the course Logistical arrangements Bring something for use during the course

4.1.4. 4. Tracking Student records process Types of records