Non-democratic Regimes

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Non-democratic Regimes by Mind Map: Non-democratic Regimes

1. Origins and Sources: Modernization and Nondemocratic Rule

1.1. Modernization Process

1.1.1. States having individuals with economic power would like to fend the public out from rivalry Democracy to ensure equality and ensure the wealth Social Disrupts by change "No middle class, no democracy" Case Study to rebut: India is a rare case where there are large gaps of inequality in nondemocratic rule lah.

1.2. Elites and Nondemocratic Rule

1.2.1. Elites will be willing to share more power when they have fears of losing economic opportunities in the process.

1.2.2. The "Resource Trap"

2. A small group of individuals excercises power over the state.

3. Definition

3.1. Government is not responsible for the public

3.2. Individual freedom is undermined

3.3. Can be considered legitimate.

4. Totalitarianism and Nondemocratic Rule

4.1. Totalitarianism: A form of non-democratic rule with high centralized state with well-defined ideology to transform and submerge the state, its society and its economy.

4.2. Totalitarianism seeks to: Ideologically, Violently (Or both) control the state.

4.2.1. Case Study: Cộng Hòa Dân Chủ Nhân Dân Triều Tiên Note: O'Neil stated (2010) Saddam Hussein in Iraq cannot be considered totalitarianism due to his regime being not ideologically strong to influence Iraqis

5. Political Regimes and Political Control

5.1. Coercion: Threatening their livelihoods

5.2. Surveillance

5.3. Personality Cults: A strong leader resembles the population

6. Models of nondemocratic Rule

6.1. patrimonialism/Monarchial Rule

6.2. military rule

6.2.1. Authoritarianism

6.3. one-party rule

6.4. theocracies

6.4.1. Fundamentalist states

6.5. Illiberal or hybrid regimes