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SIT 182 by Mind Map: SIT 182


1.1. defenses

1.1.1. Strong password

1.1.2. Recognizing phishing email

1.1.3. taking steps to avoid identity theft

1.1.4. secure social networking sites

2. personal security

2.1. Week 3

2.1.1. Brute force attack

2.1.2. Dictionary attack

2.2. week 4

2.2.1. Social engineering attack

2.2.2. Identity theft phishing typo squatting Pretexting Hoaxes Dumpster diving Shoulder surfing

2.2.3. Social networking risks

3. computer security

3.1. Software-based firewall VS hardware-based firewall

3.2. week 5

3.2.1. remote host attacks and defenses DOS Notorious ping of death attack SSH defense for SSH

3.3. week 6

3.3.1. Malware application attacks and defenses Malware circulation/ inflection Concealment Payload capabilities

3.3.2. defenses Managing patches Configuring personal firewall Installing anti-malware softwares Monitoring User Account Control(UAC) Creating data backups knowing how to recover from attacks

4. Internet security

4.1. week 7

4.1.1. SQL injection attack & defenses

4.1.2. XSS attack & defenses

4.2. week 8

4.2.1. directory traversal attack

4.2.2. Email IMAP POP

4.2.3. Internet Security Risks Browser vulnerabilities Extensions plug-in add-on Malvertising Drive-by-downloads cookies first party third party Email risk

4.2.4. defenses Securing web browsers Maintaining Email defenses following internet security best practices

5. Privacy

5.1. week 9

5.1.1. Privacy protection Cryptography confidentiality Integrity Availability Authentication Non-repudiation REMINDER Following best practices Organizations takes responsibility

5.1.2. ciphers Shift substitution transposition affine vigenere

5.1.3. Importance of key size

5.2. week 10

5.2.1. digital signature privacy best practices

6. Mobile security

6.1. week 11

6.1.1. defenses

6.1.2. Mobile devices Laptop phone iPad

6.1.3. Mobile networks WiFi attacks Bluetooth attacks

6.1.4. Questions Secure public WiFi network Secure home WiFi network secure mobile devices