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TOKYO by Mind Map: TOKYO

1. transport

1.1. bus

1.1.1. Línea Ueno‒Asakusa

1.1.2. Línea Haneda-airport

1.2. tren

1.2.1. Línea Yurakucho

2. social problems

2.1. sinking economy

2.1.1. The country which almost ruled the world in economy for decades even being one of the tiniest countries of the world setting an example of perfection in most of sectors is presently suffering from some drastic challenges which have mesmerized the people across Japan as its economy is sinking and national debt is touching sky.

2.2. aging society

2.2.1. the aging society is defined as the country or region in which the share of population aged over 65 exceeds seven percent of the whole population.

2.3. radiation

2.4. sinking birthrate

3. History

3.1. The history of Tokyo dates back about 400 years.

3.2. 1868

3.3. Mid-18th century

3.4. 1 The Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace. ...

3.5. 2 Ginza District: Shop 'til you Drop. Street Scene in Ginza District. ...

3.6. 3 The Sensō-ji Temple. The Sensō-ji Temple. ...

3.7. 4 National Museum of Nature and Science. ...

3.8. 5 Ueno Park and Zoo. ...