More about them: Migrant workers

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More about them: Migrant workers by Mind Map: More about them: Migrant workers

1. Lack of understanding between migrant workers and Singaporeans due to language barriers and insufficient space to interact.

2. We invited the migrant workers from our school to join us for a mini game and an interview.

3. What?

3.1. Singapore has a large number of migrant workers but there is a lack of interaction among the Singaporeans and migrant workers.

3.1.1. Misunderstandings between Singaporeans and migrant workers may arise as a result.

4. Who?

5. How?

5.1. We played a mini icebreaker called the minefield to help the migrant workers warm up to us.

5.2. Next, we proceeded with an interview as we would like to know more about the migrant workers and also to raise awareness of the need to interact with migrant workers in respectful and understanding manner so as to foster better relations among different groups of people in Singapore

5.2.1. Singaporeans disrespecting migrant workers is a common sight in today’s society. For example, taking it for granted that migrant workers should give up their seats on the MRT to Singaporeans.

6. When?

6.1. We started planning for thus project during January 2018, and carried out this project in June 2018.

7. Outcome

7.1. We interacted with the workers before carrying out the interview. After recording the interviews with workers and interviewing our peers' reflections, the we came up with a final video product to present to the school.

8. Conclusion

8.1. It was a pleasure to be able to work with migrant workers on this project. This project had an impact on people who have seen the video, by being more understanding among different groups of people within our society.

8.2. We will continue to share the message of continually building bridges with migrant workers in Singapore.