"Magazine in USA and Russia"

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"Magazine in USA and Russia" by Mind Map: "Magazine in USA and Russia"

1. USA

1.1. Typology

1.1.1. The Process of monopolization. The number of cities in which competing Newspapers are published is decreasing. The number of daily Newspapers is also decreasing.

1.1.2. The American press is traditionally focused on the local audience. Most Newspapers are distributed within the city or state where they are published.

1.1.3. The Circulation of American Newspapers is small.

1.2. Some features

1.2.1. Americans pay special attention to the Sunday circulation of Newspapers.

1.2.2. Another is the existence of press syndicates.

1.3. Legal basis

1.3.1. The press is not regulated. All Newspapers are private. To open a newspaper there is no need to obtain a license from any state body.

1.3.2. There is No censorship. 3) there is no special press law In the USA

1.3.3. There is no special press law In the USA

2. Russia

2.1. Typology

2.1.1. Designed for a wide audience (often millions), which does not have a high educational level.

2.1.2. Circulation in record time reaches 1 million 350 thousand copies.

2.1.3. The Number of cities is increasing, territorial coverage is becoming more

2.2. Some features

2.2.1. A Feature of the Russian press, which has also developed over more than three centuries of history, is the fact that all this time journalistic work was under a tight cap of censorship

2.2.2. The Press in Russia will die soon. The first time started talking about it after the radio, then — television. Currently, talk about the monopoly of the Internet.

2.3. Legal basis

2.3.1. The Press is regulated by the government

2.3.2. Censorship

2.3.3. Existence of the "Law on mass media" — a legal act regulating relations between participants of mass media production in Russiaас