Policy - Future-proof & Augment the Core

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Policy - Future-proof & Augment the Core by Mind Map: Policy - Future-proof &   Augment the Core

1. (Group) Follow a broader approach to innovation which drives the Turnaround, Future Proofing, Adjacency & Search light initiatives (through innovation, automation, digitization & lean)

1.1. Productivity (Std Produced Hours/Total Headcount) increase of 8% YoY

1.1.1. Improve productivity in the shop floor by ensuring right skill is available at the right time Retention of Skill Management Support Peer Support Carrer Growth Work place arrangement/ Work Environment Compensation, Appreciation & Reputation Problem Solving Culture Uniathorize Absenteeism Listening to grievances Trust towards Management Relationship with peers Relationship with HR Awareness of systems and procedures Job Rotation Skill based training Functioning of skill matrix Willingness to rotate Simplified job roles Multiskiling Alignment of Upuli Modules Alignment of Training School Process Training & Upskilling Alignment of Training School Availability of right Inductions / training Arrangement of work place arrangement Alignment of Shilpa Yathra Program Alignment of competency based training VSE development Program