Teaching with Technology

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Teaching with Technology by Mind Map: Teaching with Technology

1. Ethics

1.1. Copyright

1.2. Privacy

1.3. Cyberbullying

1.4. Social Awareness

1.5. Distraction- especially while driving

2. Learning Theories

2.1. Engagement

2.1.1. Content is most important!

2.2. Concrete to the abstract

2.2.1. Start at the concrete

2.2.2. Make connections to the abstract

2.2.3. Go back to the concrete

2.2.4. Use technology as a tool

2.3. Learn through hands-on activities

2.3.1. Simulations

2.3.2. Real life experiences

2.3.3. Make sure it's accurate!

3. The WHY

3.1. Have students become technologically literate

3.1.1. Question the technologies

3.1.2. Become critical thinkers

3.1.3. Navigate through society

3.1.4. Be aware of social cues

3.2. New ways to access content

3.3. New representation of the concrete-abstract

4. The HOW

4.1. Look for the best way to teach the content

4.2. Representation of the continuum

4.3. Research the technologies!

4.4. Do not rely on technology to do the work

4.5. Keep students' interests and experiences in mind