Response to Hussain

Emily Pitre Mind Map-Response to Hussain

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Response to Hussain by Mind Map: Response to Hussain

1. Suggestions for the “Designing engaging learning experiences” section of the planner?

1.1. What are your resources?

1.2. Think outside the box!

1.3. Gather suggestions from the students: the more engaged they are, the better!

2. How and when are students involved in the planning process?

2.1. Start each semester/quarter with a "Wonder Wall" for new units so students can collaborate on ideas

2.2. Provide reflection time for them to add improvements/retractions from the unit they just went through

3. How would differentiation be frameworked and sustained?

3.1. Pair low and high students together during discussions

3.2. Provide scaffolded thinking maps for inquiry portions

3.3. Model at the beginning of each unit expected results for each project

4. Connection to Harahan Elementary

4.1. We collaborate with our other grade level teachers.

4.2. Brainstorm what has worked and not worked in the past.

4.3. Align with curriculum and even move around the order of when we teach each unit