The Present Continous

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The Present Continous by Mind Map: The Present Continous

1. the present continuous describes an activity that is happening at the moment, or a temporary activity (not necessarily happening at the moment).

2. Its rules are: (+) Subject + Tobe + Verb (ING) + Complement (-) Subject + Tobe + Not + Verb (ING) + Complement (?) Tobe + Verb (ING) + Complement

3. The present continuous also describes agreements and appointments. The time or place, and the person you will see or meet at the appointment, is usually specified

4. EJEMPLOS: (+)I am to Karla's party to night She is visiting her grandma this weekend We are having on exam today (-)I am not to Karla's party to night She isn't visiting her grandma this We aren't having on exam today (?)Are you to Karla's party to night?