Customer Journey Types

Customer Journeys

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Customer Journey Types by Mind Map: Customer Journey Types

1. Goes into Reactivation Pool

2. Goes into Reactivation Pool

3. Targeted Digital Advertising

3.1. Responds To Digital Advertising

3.1.1. Visits Product Page Adds to Cart Completes Transaction Abandons Cart

3.1.2. Installs Mobile App Visits Product Page Exits App Adds to Cart

3.2. Does not Respond to Digital Advertising

3.2.1. Goes into Pool for Ad Targeting/Segmentation

4. Customer Gives details at Pop up/Event

4.1. Customer Receives promotional Email

4.1.1. Customer Responds to Email

4.1.2. Customer Does not respond to email Customer key event (anniversary/Birthday Email Sent Customer Responds to Email Does not respond to Email Seasonal Promotional Email Sent Customer Responds to Email Does not Respond to Email

5. Organic Traffic

5.1. SEO Referral

5.1.1. Homepage Uses Search PDP visit (search results anon recommendations based on referral & SKNN Type model)

5.1.2. Product Page Adds to Cart Abandons Cart Completes Transaction Exists Website Re-targeting Ad is shown, suppressing Email, in rare cases both Retargeting Email is sent suppressing ad, in rare cases both

5.2. Organic Site visit

5.2.1. Default Configured Homepage Customer navigates to a PLP Views a few products - shown sknn/stan based recommendations Exits Website

5.3. Organic APP Download

5.3.1. Lands on PLP Adds to Cart Abandons journey Exits Journey