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Russian Revolution by Mind Map: Russian Revolution

1. It is considered one of the greatest events of the contemporary age.

1.1. Causes

1.1.1. Russia was in war with Germany in the WWI because russia was losing and the people were dying it was discredited to the Romanovs

1.1.2. In 1905 Russia was defeated by Japan in the Russian-Japonese war

1.1.3. Russia also suffered economic crisis and food shortages. Russia was a rural and backward country.

1.1.4. It was a country with social inequality: the nobility and the workers

1.1.5. Alejandra who was he wife of the Tsar wasn´t popular between the workers and her dear friend Raputin were killed

1.2. Consequences

1.2.1. It was divided in three parts: political, social and economic Politics Secret policy Cult of the leader Stalin dictator 1927 Communist party Economics NEP (new economy policy) Heavy industry Communist 1918 Five year plan Land collectives Energy production Social Kulaks Kolkhozes

1.3. Two important revolutions

1.3.1. February Revolution 1917

1.3.2. October Revolution 1917