EF Excellence Award for Language Teaching Half Semester-Long Project

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EF Excellence Award for Language Teaching Half Semester-Long Project by Mind Map: EF Excellence Award for Language Teaching Half Semester-Long Project

1. 1. Volunteer Translation

1.1. Viet Su Kieu Hung

1.1.1. a

1.2. Youtube Videos

1.3. ArtBook into English to Amazon

1.3.1. Recently,after the subtitle translation works,“Viet Su Kieu Hung” project founders entrusted us to translate the full 5-volume worth of print artbooks to introduce VN history to the world

1.3.2. These printed artbooks, once published, will be given as gifts to international friends at events, and the project will also raise funds for their sales on Amazon

1.4. NovaTrans

1.4.1. Our volunteer group,NovaTrans,has translated 100+titles for VNese&international audiences. 8IELTS NovaTrans Archives | Andy English Nova

1.5. Media Coverage of the Viet Su Kieu Hung project, on prestigious Vietnam's Thanh Nien and Tuoi Tre newspapers.

1.5.1. https://news.zing.vn/su-viet-kieu-hung-trong-tac-pham-dien-hoa-cua-nhom-tac-gia-tre-post812022.html

1.5.2. Việt sử kiêu hùng góc nhìn của người trẻ

1.5.3. Đuốc Mồi và dự án 'Việt sử kiêu hùng' đầy hấp dẫn

2. 2. Role Playing

2.1. Teams

2.1.1. Team Capulet

2.1.2. Team Montague

2.2. My own Instructions for students to practice on, uploaded to Youtube

2.2.1. Hướng dẫn phân vai Romeo Juliet Shakespeare

2.2.2. Lời thoại kịch Shakespeare Romeo Juliet

2.3. Scenes to practice Speaking Shakesperean Englisn

2.3.1. 1 2 3 - The Famous Balcony scene

2.3.2. 5 Revenge begins 6 7

2.3.3. Tragedy 10 11 Ending

3. 3. Amazing Race

3.1. Start

3.1.1. Start the event at AEON MALL Lunch Puzzle Solving Finding anecdotes, contacting people to find cultural objects

3.1.2. Gear up On the go, each team in one car

3.1.3. Area Registration Assignments Stickers Arm bands Final Quiz

3.1.4. I design hundreds of exercises on interactive platforms to help students train on a daily basis,building them up for the big roleplay/contest events.Microsoft Flipgrid,Nearpod…award me with Certified Educator status,and congratulate me for having students submit 500+ selfstudy videos&thus gain 1000+hrs of extra engagement time.

4. Certifications

4.1. Nearpod

4.1.1. Ngoc Anh Nhu Certified Educators

4.2. FlipGrid

4.2.1. da Flip Grid Certified Platform

4.3. Awards

4.3.1. IELTS, British Council and Cambridge awards IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial With Sir Steve Terry With Cambridge Author Pauline Cullen

4.3.2. Australia Awards Graduation

4.3.3. TeX Speaker a