Title: Zombie Attack! / Level: 0.9 / Word: 1,488

Zombie Attack!

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Title: Zombie Attack! / Level: 0.9 / Word: 1,488 by Mind Map: Title: Zombie Attack! / Level: 0.9 / Word: 1,488

1. Critical Review

1.1. We can learn two things from this story. First, the story shows that the development of technology doesn't necessarily bring happiness. We, modern people, always put too much confidence in the science and the technology, but we should realize that it is a mistake. Second, it also shows that what you consider to help people will actually hurt people. So, when we try to do something, it is necessary to assume what will happen. In other words, it is important not to be self-satisfied, but to incorporate ideas from others.

2. Story Line

2.1. ①Professor Clark is an important scientist in the United States. He is working on a new serum in his lab. He is always saying, "Why must people die? My new serum can stop that!" Tasha ,a young scientist in his lab, is worried about it.

2.1.1. ②One day, the professor inject a dead rat with his new serum. Minutes later, the rat begins to move on the lab table. It is suddenly alive again! Tasha is very surprised and says "It's wrong, Professor! Do it again, and I must speak to the local TV station about you!" The Professor laughs. His eyes are crazy. He says "Do that. But don't bring any reporters here now! Not before I'm ready for them." ③Tasha calls the local TV station. That evening, she meets with the reporter Chaz, his camera operator Leroy, and sound engineer Ella in the diner. Tasha tells them all about the Professor, his new serum, and the dead rat. Ella says, "That's very interesting!" Tasha answers, "I know, but it's something dangerous,too. Today, it's dead rats. But who knows about tomorrow? Professor Clark's work usually helps people. He doesn't listen to me any more." Chaz says, "We must speak with the Professor." Therefore, when they try to go right on to the lab, they feel earthquake. But Tasha says, "Listen! We must go to the lab now! There's a lot of serum there, that's dangerous!" So they head for the lab. ④Tasha opens the lab door and She is shocked. The damage from earthquake is very bad. Worst of all, the new serum is all over the floor and it flows into the ground under the lab. Ella is looking out at the old cemetery not far from the lab. Just then, she suddenly cry! Because dead people are coming alive!!! Tasha says, "They're zombies." She comes from Haiti, and knows all about zombies. "Hungry zombies eat people's brains. They can bite you - and then you change into a zombie, too!"

3. Story Characters

3.1. Professor Clark / Tasha (young scientist) / Chaz (a TV reporter) / Leroy (a TV camera operator) / Ella (a TV sound engineer) / Zombies