Santiago's Case Study

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Santiago's Case Study by Mind Map: Santiago's Case Study

1. Welcoming Learning Environment

1.1. Variety of learning strategies: UDL and DI

1.2. Inclusive classroom environment that acknowledges diversity

1.3. Student backgrounds and interests are appreciated and talked about

1.4. Individual students' voice are celebrated and respected

1.5. Visual displays in classroom in multiple languages

2. Modifications & Accommodations

2.1. Universal Design Learning Strategies & Differentiated Instruction

2.1.1. Cooperative learning Leadership opportunities Chance to take on more initiative

2.1.2. Project based approach

2.1.3. Problem based approach

2.1.4. Explicit instruction

2.2. Assistive technology

2.3. Flexibility in environment and small groups

2.4. Student interests are valued, inquiry based learning approach, individual learning profiles guide the learning


3.1. Growth Mindset and Progress

3.2. STEP 1 Oral Communication

3.3. STEP 2 Reading

3.4. STEP 1 Writing

3.5. Simpler words, paraphrases, gestures, decodes and reads aloud simple texts, recognizes a growing bank of sight words, beginning awareness of grammar

4. Teaching Strategies

4.1. Think-Pair-Share

4.2. Vocabulary instruction within context of learning

4.3. Heavy use of visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic learning

4.4. Assistive technology

4.5. Dual language projects

4.6. Cooperative Learning Projects

4.7. Inquiry based learning experiences

4.8. The International Children’s Digital Library ( - plenty of read alouds

5. Typical TDSB Day

5.1. Integration every day with mainstream class - opportunities to engage socially with peers

5.2. ESL specific class with direct support with other ELL's

5.3. Weekly Portuguese classes - a chance to shine and excel amongst his class community

6. Goals Moving Forward

6.1. Motivate and engage parents to learn English

6.2. Join more school clubs and teams to boost involvement and social engagement

6.3. Motivate family to participate in community partnerships

6.4. Take on more leadership in group learning initiative opportunities, such as materials manager, recorder, reporter

7. Background

7.1. Grade 4

7.2. L1 = Portuguese

7.3. L2 = English

7.4. Parents not very involved and do not speak English - goal to seek community engagement

8. Background