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MSNA by Mind Map: MSNA

1. TORs

1.1. Applies to GMF 1.0 Only

1.2. Aims to coordinate the 6-9 planned needs assessments that are slated for this year in our plans

1.3. Doing 1 common needs assessment should:

1.3.1. 1. Provide for economies of scale

1.3.2. 2. Cost savings

1.3.3. 3. Improved Client service (i.e. avoid survey fatigue)

1.3.4. 4. Help better coordinate our different projects.

2. Common Questions

2.1. Respondent Profile

2.1.1. Name

2.1.2. Position / Title

2.1.3. Gender

2.1.4. Age (by cohort)

2.1.5. Language First language Second language

2.1.6. Department

2.1.7. Municipality Official name Geographic Location Name Province Rural vs. Urban (by FCM definitions) Population By cohorts Size of municipal staff Size of council Annual budget of municipality

2.1.8. Level of formal education

2.1.9. Other professional accreditations

2.1.10. Membership in professional networks

2.2. Needs for success

2.2.1. Who in your municipality needs support? Elected officials? Planners? Engineers? Financial officers?

2.2.2. What do you need to help with to implement great, sustainable projects? (Info Help Desk)

2.2.3. Where in your decision making process are you encountering challenges and need for external or GMF support (BC)

2.2.4. What do you need to know about funding? Sources How funding sources stack?

2.2.5. Aside from funding, what else do you need to be successful? (BC)

2.2.6. Who is the right person / people / organization to help you address your needs? FCM SUMA Other PTAs? Federal agencies

2.2.7. What information or tools do you need to evaluate and champion sustainability initiatives (Business Case)

2.3. Previous Experience with FCM

2.3.1. What has been your experience with FCM? Have you worked with FCM before? Funding Capacity Building

2.3.2. What do you look to FCM for ?

2.3.3. How often do you access current FCM information sources? website webinars

2.4. Improvements to FCM services

2.4.1. What do you need FCM to do to help you advance your project / work? How can FCM best support your project team or specific projects (BC)

2.4.2. How can we better catalyze our existing FCM resources in a Capacity Building for Funded Projects approach?

2.4.3. What do you need to better access what we already fund? (Funding) Which channels / barriers need to be opened in order for you to access FCM products? (Funding) How could FCM's funding be most effective and efficient?

2.4.4. What do you want us to fund (Funding)

2.4.5. What are the gaps in ensuring success of FCM funded projects? (CBFFP) What skills do you require training on? (CBFFP)

2.5. Finding Information on Projects

2.5.1. What characteristics about other funded projects make them most useful to you for learning? same sector? region more specific what are the search parameters that you would use to find information related to your project?

2.5.2. How do you like to access information about funding? (Help Desk)

2.5.3. How do you like to access information about capacity building? (Help Desk)

2.5.4. Would you like more information (i.e., immediately for a follow-up call vs. waiting)?

2.5.5. Which of the following online tools do you / would you like to use to find information about projects that you're working on? (Help Desk) FCM Tools Website Search Approved projects database How often? How useful? Efficient? Non-FCM Tools (relevant to sector)

2.5.6. How important is it to have a "human connection" (i.e., actually speaking to an FCM staff) to answer questions about your project (Help Desk)

2.6. Where are you / your project team / your municipality on this GMF Innovation Pathway?

3. Divergent / Specific Questions

3.1. Learning Needs Assessment (Carmen)

3.1.1. What particular information / knowledge and/or skills do you need to excel / grow in your job / profession / career?

3.1.2. What / who are your "trusted" sources of information that you seek out to support you in your job?

3.1.3. How much time do you commit to learning new things every day / week / month?

3.1.4. How much time do you spend in an average week / month / year on / in training or learning (i.e., whether formal courses or online)

3.1.5. In the last year, did you attend any conferences or workshops / training sessions for PD / learning / skills development?

3.1.6. Through which means do you like to learn? Rank the following from Least to Most helpful. On the Job Informal learning Formal learning Peer learning groups

3.1.7. Do you do any of the following to learn / develop your skills as they relate to your job? Listen to podcasts Attend training workshops or courses Attend conferences Take part in e-learning? Conduct web-searches (i.e., Google). Other: please specify.

3.1.8. How important is it that you share and apply the new knowledge after a learning experience?

3.1.9. How do you share and apply the new knowledge that you gain from a learning experience with others in your organization or networks?

3.1.10. What constraints do you face to take part in training / conferences? Budget What is your annual budget for personal, team and/or departmental training? How far ahead is that budget allocated? Time Distance

3.1.11. How good is your connection to the internet at work? At home?

3.1.12. How likely are you to use a mobile device for work-related learning?

3.1.13. What type of device do you use to connect to the internet: Desktop computer Laptop computer Tablet Cell phone

3.2. Business Case Support

3.2.1. What does the term "business case" mean to you?

3.2.2. What type of information is most relevant to your Business Case development? Financial? Economic development potential Externalities Technical

3.3. Capacity Building for Funded Initiatives (Juliana)

3.3.1. What step/part of your project do you feel you might benefit from mentors/ training?

3.3.2. Should we think about a collective (cohort) or more targeted 1-1 interactions (i.e., mentorship)

3.3.3. How do we ensure that the municipalities' corporate memory re: the project continues?

3.3.4. What is the time commitment required? What is the timeline of this experience (from design to 1-2 years post completion?)

3.3.5. How to share FCM resources / knowledge vs. how to broker external knowledge?

3.3.6. How to measure learning and exchange impact on new clients / applicants?

3.3.7. How to select projects and /or sectors for pilot?

3.3.8. How much internal capacity is required to maintain this program? How much should be allocated?

3.3.9. How to ensure that externally-provided training is of sufficient merit /quality to be accountable?

3.3.10. How do you share CBFFP information (promotion?)

3.4. Energy Roadmap

3.4.1. How would you prefer to engage with the material? Online Print Trickled into your email inbox

3.4.2. What specific knowledge / skills do you need to move forward with implementation? Content Business Case Proven Examples Format Templates Training Peer Mentorship

3.4.3. Are there divergent needs amongst different municipal audience? Size? Location? Jurisdiction Technology Pre / post / 2nd generation Corporation vs. community energy and emisssions plan

3.5. Solution Explorer (Dwayne)

3.5.1. What level of expertise do you currently have in your municipality re: municipal energy projects?

3.5.2. What successes have you had in previous / similar projects ? What internal factors contributed to this? What external factors contributed to this?

3.5.3. What challenges have you had in previous / similar municipal energy projects?

3.5.4. What do you already know about your energy profile?

3.5.5. What energy projects do you anticipate undertaking in the next 5 years? 10 years?

3.5.6. Who do you hire as consultants / specialists currently?

3.5.7. Where do you currently go now for information on energy solutions?

3.5.8. Which of the following energy solutions might be of interest to you? (based on what you know already)

4. Projects Included....

4.1. Solution Explorer (Dwayne)

4.2. Energy Roadmap (Robin & Yi)

4.3. Capacity Building for Funded Projects

4.4. Learning Trends Analysis

4.5. Online Learning Platform

4.6. IM / Help Desk

4.7. Business Case Specialist

4.8. Funding Capacity Building

4.9. SCC SWOT?

5. Projects NOT included?

5.1. Comms Research (Lucie)

5.2. Application Forms (Genevieve)

6. Research Methods

6.1. Online Survey

6.2. Personal Interviews

6.3. Focus Groups

6.4. Background Research

6.4.1. Review relevant sector scans

6.5. Secondary Research

7. Other

7.1. Keep an eye out for potential SMEs for conferences and webinars?